Monday shorts: Bleszinski’s GDC session on video, Dudebro II, Bit.Trip history

Monday, 7th March 2011 10:37 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Hit the break to see all the news that are digestable in short-based form.

  • Gamespot’s posted the full video of Cliff Bleszinski’s GDC session from last week. Give it a watch through here.
  • Nintendolife has up the third part of a feature on the history of Bit.Trip.
  • “Here’s Why Microsoft Are Wrong to Think 0.0005% is a Good Sample Size,” is the headline from Nukezilla in regards to news that UK 360 owners spend £64 a month on games.
  • A fan project to record the soundtrack for Zelda: Twlight Princess has achieved its goal of raising $18,000. More here.
  • Japanese scientists have managed to create using touchable holograms using two Wiimotes. There’s a video through here.
  • BigDownload has an interview up with the guys who are making Dudebro II.
  • BD also has an interview with PC Gaming Alliance head Matt Ployhar, following news of increased revenue for the PC games trade at GDC, as well as the recent departures of founding members of the group, Microsoft and Nvidia.
  • GameTrailers has the latest episode of Bonus Round online, featuring Epic head Mike Capps, Ubisoft Toronto boss Jade Raymond and Sony Santa Monica’s John Hight.



  1. FredEffinChopin

    Every time I see a picture of this guy holding a gun I want to quit video games cold turkey.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. xino

    Cliff is right when games gets personal! It marks a signification.
    I like the Beat Zico in Wip3out. If Zico looks back, he’ll say “yes my name is actually in a game I help developed”.
    I do think it’s important to make a game personal but not to personal.

    the guy is not that funny but tries to be.

    I really dislike this “get back to the kitchen bitch”
    it’s an insult! and very offensive.
    And I definitely agree with the “We”, i hate it when people use “I” during interview as if it’s their game. Itagaki I’m looking at you:/

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Johnny Cullen

    I watched that talk earlier and it’s shown a side of Cliff Bleszinski that I have never seen. And I liked it.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. Crab of Thunder

    Lol at Microsofts survey, 200 odd people a representation of 60million+.

    Also @2 beating Zico was downright impossible!

    #4 4 years ago

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