Saturday Shorts: Analysts, Magicka, Mythos, Severed shots, Pink emails, 3DS barfing, Portal 2 Achievements

Saturday, 26 February 2011 20:06 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

It’s Saturday, and it’s early. You are too sleepy to read anything overly taxing. Read these shorts instead.

  • Gamespot has posted 129 screenshots of Dissidia 012: Duodecim Final Fantasy.
  • A patch for Magicka has been released on Steam. It also includes the Mea Culpa DLC as a free gift to all owners.
  • Sterne Agee analyst Arvind Bhatia believes strongly that Activision should purchase Take-Two. He feels it would be a win-win for both companies. Doesn’t mention gamers.
  • IGN has posted some screenshots for Dead Space 2’s Severed DLC. Look ’em over here.
  • The open beta for Mythos will begin on April 12. Eurogamer has more on this for you.
  • Watch Shannon Elizabeth take on, umm well, watch her play Call of Duty: Black Ops over on Funny or Die or YouTube.
  • Superbrothers has released a new trailer for Sword and Sorcery, promising the game will be released “around the vernal equinox.” That’s March 22 to those of you who aren’t Druid or Wiccan.
  • We got a strange hot pink email today from Atlus, asking if we still like them. So did D’toid. Is it Catherine related? We sure as hell hope so.
  • Kotaku has posted a “guide” on how to keep your “barfing and eye-melting” to a minimum using 3DS.
  • Company of Heroes Online has two new maps: Carpiquet, a two player airfield map, and the eight player Hedgerow Siege. THQ shuts down CoHO on March 31.
  • Blizzard has added nine new maps to StarCraft II, and has removed other multiplayer maps from ladder matches. Get the full thing on BigDownload.
  • GameFront has a list of 50 Achievements for Portal 2, worth around 1,000 points. There may be spoilers. You have been warned.