Quick shots – Catwoman stars in new DCUO screens

Tuesday, 22nd February 2011 19:25 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

SOE has released so many DCUO screenshots of the February content update, that you’ll wind up with carpal tunnel from shaking your cat o’ nine tails at it.

The free patch stars Catwoman, and finds the latex-clad beauty trying to steal some cat artifacts from the Gotham Museum. Of course, things don’t go as planned – at least for those in charge of protecting the city at any rate.

Check out all of the game shots below, as well as renders of the bombshell herself.



  1. blackdreamhunk

    This is a 3d animating or modeling question how come the the the models arms are down. When creating a 3d model shouldn’t your model ares be up??

    #1 4 years ago
  2. revolting

    @1 Those are just posing shots to show her off from various angles. Chances are it wasn’t actually put together like that.

    But that said, no, arms up isn’t an ideal pose for making the model, because it isn’t a natural pose for a person to be in. Arms up is a very forced movement, and all sorts of body distortion happens when you do it. i.e. the spine and abdominal muscles braces themselves to compensate for the adjusted centre of gravity, the ribcage expands at the bottom but contracts at the top, the entire shoulder muscles area is scrunched right up, pectorals are stretched, shoulder blades either pushed inward if your arms went up in a forwards motion or outwards if they went up in a sideways motion… lots of distortion all over the place basically.

    Arms down is a much more natural default state for the body to be in. Often you do see models like this with the arms slightly out to the sides, though… makes it a lot easier to get to the inside of the upper arm and the side of the torso when they aren’t pushed right up against each other.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. blackdreamhunk

    thxs good to know :)

    #3 4 years ago

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