EA cancels 3DS launch title My Garden

Thursday, 17 February 2011 06:24 GMT By Nathan Grayson

Sorry 3D gardening fans, your one and only hope is– crickets, huh? That’s sort of fitting, now that we think about it.

EA’s quietly buried former 3DS launch title My Garden, proclaiming it DOA during a recent event in New York City.

The game was set to be, well, exactly what it sounded like: choose between “hundreds” of plants and assorted foliage. Water things. Etc.

Early previews found the game to be sorely lacking, so – while EA hasn’t given an official reason for cancellation – we’d say that’s a pretty solid guess. Still though, the part of us that’s inexplicably attracted to pretty things is almost sad to see EA chopping down its virtual rainforest. It’s so… colorful.

Thanks, Joystiq.