New AC: Brotherhood DLC to find Da Vinci in March

Thursday, 17th February 2011 17:06 GMT By Patrick Garratt

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood’s next DLC pack, The Da Vinci Disappearance, is to add new campaign elements, a new multiplayer map, new characters and more.


Animus Project 1.0 added multiplayer map Mont Saint-Michel and Advanced Alliance mode in December 2010.

Animus Project 2.0 added multiplayer map Pienza and Chest Capture mode in January.

Full game released in November 2010.

Has shipped 6.5 million units so far.

It’s for 360 and PS3, and will cost 800MSP.

The Da Vinci Disappearance will include both single-player and multiplayer content.

After the fall of the Borgias in Rome, Leonardo Da Vinci is kidnapped by the Hermeticists, an underground cult dedicated to transforming mankind; Ezio will embark on a “relentless quest” to recover stolen paintings in order to find the inventor, discovering two new locations and “two new gameplay features” along the way.

The multiplayer content includes a new map, four new characters and two new game modes.

The new map, Alhambra, is a “lush environment” set in Spain’s Albaicin of Granada, and provides multileveled indoor and outdoor areas.

The new characters are Dama Rossa, the Knight, the Marquis and the Pariah.

The two new gameplay modes are Escort and Assassinate: in Escort mode, two teams of four players compete to both protect their own VIP target or assassinate the other team’s charge; in Assassinate mode, 6-8 players are pitted against each other deathmatch style in ten minute rounds.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood released in November last year and has shipped 6.5 million units thus far.



  1. SuperCrazyLeprechaun

    Its a damn shame the multiplayer doesnt work for some reason on my ps3 or i would buy this day one:/

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Yoshi

    The online is shocking terrible for this game last time I tried. Must have taken me up to 30mins sometimes to find and join a game with that terrible matchmaking system.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. razvan2you

    Why only for consoles….wtf is wrong with the PC……The games the companies make, they make them on PC…..IDIOTS…..!

    #3 4 years ago
  4. Patrick Garratt

    Video’s there for you now.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Michael O’Connor

    @3 Maybe because the game isn’t, ya know… *out* on the PC yet?

    #5 4 years ago
  6. razvan2you

    @5 But it will be available in March….when this DLC comes out….!

    #6 4 years ago
  7. Michael O’Connor

    @6 It’ll either launch at a later date, come packed with the game, or the most likely possibility… not appear at all. =P

    Anyone who choose to wait out for the PC version of this is an idiot anyway. You’re willingly pandering to a company that shafts you ever which way and the other on your format of choice, on a constant basis.

    #7 4 years ago
  8. JimFear-666

    The single player is really MEH! on this dlc. But multiplayer is great. I already played it and it has 2 mp mode which are extraction and i dont remember whats the name of the other one but from what i remember you have to find other people on the map without any “picture” on the corner.
    The single player is about 5h long from what i remember and it doesnt have a huge link to the main story..

    #8 4 years ago
  9. JimFear-666

    btw… New character are nothing more than skins… dont expect much more than that.

    #9 4 years ago
  10. SuperCrazyLeprechaun

    @2 it wont let me use any of the online features for some reason never mind waiting for a match.

    #10 4 years ago
  11. TD_Monstrous69

    Finally, some great dlc for this game. I’ve played a little of multiplayer, and it’s great (whenever you can find a match that is), but nothing that’s really worth playing for more than a few games. Can’t wait for the single player missions though.

    #11 4 years ago

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