Report – Crysis 2 build leaked onto torrent sites

Friday, 11th February 2011 23:52 GMT By Stephany Nunneley

According to reports from various sources, a developer build of Crysis 2 has been leaked to torrent services.

Per a post over on Facepunch, the leak contains the full game, multiplayer included, as well as the game’s DRM files.

No word yet on how this happened, but it has. Which is a shame. Remember kids, it’s only cool to be a pirate if you look like Johnny Depp.

You can read about it in various places, but head on over to RPS for more.

EA’s response on the matter to Kotaku was:

“Crytek has been alerted that an early incomplete, unfinished build of Crysis 2 has appeared on Torrent sites. Crytek and EA are deeply disappointed by the news. We encourage fans to support the game and the development team by waiting and purchasing the final, polished game on March 22.

“Crysis 2 is still in development and promises to be the ultimate action blockbuster as the series’ signature Nanosuit lets you be the weapon as you defend NYC from an alien invasion. Piracy continues to damage the PC packaged goods market and the PC development community.”

Crysis 2 releases on March 22 in the US and March 25 in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC.



  1. PwnedHaxor

    It has :D

    #1 4 years ago
  2. _LarZen_

    Aye…found it real fast. Not gonna download it tho…

    #2 4 years ago
  3. bobjohn

    and why is vg247 making a fuss about it? you’re only promoting piracy and awareness.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. psybass

    what is Crysis 2 build? its a demo?

    #4 4 years ago
  5. LOLshock94

    i cant find this shot anyone want to send me a link to a fellow pirate?

    #5 4 years ago
  6. Michael O’Connor

    @3 Agreed. I will never understand why news sites report on games being pirated. All it does is promote it.

    #6 4 years ago
  7. Johnny Cullen

    @3 And that is the exact same reason why we sat on it for a bit until we felt we made the right call. Screwed if you do, fucked if you don’t, basically.

    #7 4 years ago
  8. EscoBlades

    @6: To be honest, there might have been a good chance that even the developers themselves weren’t aware….till now.

    Its news at the end of the day, it got on the internet, and news sites report the news.

    Rock and hard place.

    #8 4 years ago
  9. Erthazus

    @4, it’s not a demo.. it’s FULL FUCKING PC GAME.

    and i just download it.. i want to try it (i’m still going to buy it 100%)

    But i want to see the GRAPHICS and post some screenshots + i’m happy that it was leaked. I fucking don’t know how PC version look like :D

    Today everything is going to change.

    #9 4 years ago
  10. EscoBlades

    @9: *shakes head*

    And yes, the PC version will clearly obliterate everything. Possibly your PC too (max settings)

    #10 4 years ago
  11. Erthazus

    My BODY (Rig) is READY :D

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Erthazus

    LOOOL… Crytek screwed so much, there is not just a game…


    #12 4 years ago
  13. xxhouse

    Its Loki – info 100%

    #13 4 years ago
  14. mafuyu

    First Gameplay leaked:,schock-illegale-version-erschienen&sl=de&tl=en&hl=&ie=UTF-8

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Erthazus

    It’s running on my rig for 62 FPS in this build on MAX settings (1080p). I’m impressed!

    #15 4 years ago
  16. psybass

    holy shit that suck!!! i feel sorry for Crytek, and EA gonna hate pc gamers even more than they are now.

    #16 4 years ago
  17. Callum

    Jesus christ. With the industry in the shape it is currently, this is the last fucking thing Crytek need. I hope to god the cunt that leaked it gets strung up by his testicles.

    Shame on you Erthazus!

    #17 4 years ago
  18. Erthazus

    @17, i will buy it Callum. I’m a fan of Crytek. But i just want to see graphics, i won’t play it man.

    :( relax, i’m against piracy.

    #18 4 years ago
  19. Callum

    Hmm. I forgive thee, Erthazus. Thou shalt buy a legit copy of crysis2!

    And then you shall describe it to me, in glorious detail!

    #19 4 years ago
  20. Erthazus

    Ok, it’s running on my PC on latest settings for (39-52 FPS) on MAX SETTING and Direct 9 only. I can’t turn Direct X 9.

    The build is kinda old and not buggy at all. Sound is only STEREO which is a shame. It’s playable but i rather wait for the final Version.

    About graphics. I want to say that if some bitch will say that “Some console game” is amazing in graphics he can shut his mouth :D

    CRYSIS 2 is F U C K I N G GORGEOUS! I will make a screenshots of it.

    My only complain is that it is DUMBED down for consoles and PC gamers will bitch a lot about it. Controls are not the same like in Crysis 1. I mean they are console like, or shitty. Maybe it’s a console build because even Graphics settings are not that detailed compared even to Crysis 1.

    #20 4 years ago
  21. badboy_122

    this version of the game is not FINAL ….. lots of pieces r missing & it’s only runs on dx9 … 3d vision is disabled along with dx10 & dx11
    so my guess this looks like a beta .. but a huge ass one

    #21 4 years ago
  22. Erthazus

    @badboy, yeah i was dissapointed that it runs only on direct X9 and a LOT of graphical options missing also.

    Huge ass beta, yeap.

    #22 4 years ago
  23. badboy_122

    thank god this isn’t the full game .. the PC community can’t handle more of this shit.. I pre ordered the game and hate to C this…& how the hell they leaked a developer build version ?

    #23 4 years ago
  24. Erthazus

    @23, i think it’s a marketing stunt. It’s playable, but a lot.. a LOT of functions are missing and guys that are pirates will not buy the game anyway even if it was never leaked.

    Also, sound is a little bit screwed in the game.
    But damn, even on Direct X9 with 1080p this game shits on everything right now.

    My complain is a control scheme, i hope that it is not like in this game and more like in Crysis 1.

    #24 4 years ago
  25. DSB

    On the list of unholy fuckups you can possibly be responsible for in the industry, I’d put this one squarely in first place. There’s no fucking way something like that can ever happen.

    Someone’s going to get yelled at, someone’s going to get fired, and whoever led that production is going to start every meeting with EA and investors from here on out with a complimentary round of cocksucking.

    @People who think this should be censored: Should reporters stop reporting on art theft, looting, riots, unsecured weapons grade uranium, high seas piracy, terrorism or other things that they in their infinite wisdom deem unsavory for the public to know?

    You’ll probably want to go live in North Korea, then. You’d be a lot worse off if the press didn’t report the things that you, any company, or any government might not want to hear. If Crytek hadn’t let this happen there would be nothing to report on. They made the story.

    Nobody’s spreading propaganda, nobody’s recommending that you go download it. Reporters can’t be held liable for your actions, that’s peoples own responsibility. They’re simply covering a wellknown developers astronomical fuckup, which is a very relevant story by anyones standards.

    Personally I’d love to unhear all the arrogant nonsense that has been coming out of Crytek, but I don’t dispute the relevance of printing it.

    #25 4 years ago
  26. badboy_122


    don’t tempt me dude … but I”m really happy that this is not the final game

    #26 4 years ago
  27. blackdreamhunk

    wow that is a shame, I am going to buy the CE Of crysis that is peoples income. Even EA would lose money on this. Why would some one do some thing that?

    #27 4 years ago
  28. blackdreamhunk

    I don’t agree with the drm I feel bad for them

    #28 4 years ago
  29. Rosseu

    can we see some screens erth?

    #29 4 years ago
  30. DSB

    @VG247 If the release includes the keys to their DRM, is that going to mean a delay for the game?

    I can’t imagine someone releasing a game that’s completely open like that.

    Might want to ask EA or Crytek.

    #30 4 years ago
  31. El_MUERkO

    Looking at the file list it looks like more than just the game, it’s all the development tools used to make the game!

    #31 4 years ago
  32. Overdos3

    This is a really bad news for pc gaming and for crytek. I read that even cry engine 3 sandbox was leaked.
    I hope that pc gamers will support Crytek by not downloading the leaked version and buy the game.
    This is clearly an internal problem for crytek and EA because they didnt securise their data enough. I hope that this is not going to be the excuse to kill pc gaming and to say that pc gamers are all pirates …
    Crysis 1 was one of the most pirated now crytek is focusing on consoles to make cash this is really a bad thing for pc gaming and the best excuse to leave the pc marker even if its not the fault of pc gamers …

    #32 4 years ago
  33. badboy_122

    if it has the keys to their drm ..the best solution is to steam it ..but please don’t delay it

    #33 4 years ago
  34. badboy_122

    and find the fucker who leaked it and ******* [use your imagination ]

    #34 4 years ago
  35. The_Red

    LOL at the DRM leak. Now only the (few) legit buyers have to deal with that crap while pirates can play game EARLIER than them and WITHOUT having to deal with DRM annoyances.

    #35 4 years ago
  36. AHA-Lambda


    I dont remember EVER seeing a leak of this magnitude before. Crytek must be shitting themselves and given the apparent pulling of vids on youtube already. EA’s lawyers are already in full force.

    This wont end well =s

    #36 4 years ago
  37. xino

    this is why most games on Consoles do not get ported to PC because of all these piracy, and later you start having pc fanboys begging for devs at their official forum to port their game to pc…so that they can pirate it aswell

    #37 4 years ago
  38. freedoms_stain

    @37, aside from the ps3 (until very recently) consoles are pretty easy to pirate on. That kinda shits on your logic.

    #38 4 years ago
  39. Michael O’Connor

    @DSB There is a pretty big difference between the unfair distribution of someone’s art, and the non-physical distribution of a video game.

    One is the stealing of something by a single individual and claiming it as your own, which others will assume is your creation. The other is stealing something from its known owner for the enjoyment of others who *know* that it’s being illegally distributed.

    People will always support a legit artist, but for some (warped) reason the same logic isn’t applied to video games. Plagarism and piracy are two very different things though.

    #39 4 years ago
  40. bpcgos

    anyone remember about HALO 2 XBOX,COD BLOPS x360,Half Life 2, Sims 3 being leaked?
    Just another usual problem me think, dont need to be worried that much(except for PC hater) coz the title I’ve mentioned about still sold Millions copies! And for Crytek, never put the blame on PC if your game is proven to be shit when released.

    #40 4 years ago
  41. DSB

    @39 Well, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that stealing is bad. That still doesn’t stop it from being news, though.

    If VG247 started doing reviews of torrentsites or extensive coverage of piracy gangs without a direct news context, then yeah, that would be giving it undue attention. In this case it’s just reporting the news as they happen.

    #41 4 years ago
  42. sickgamer

    lol poor EA …..

    #42 4 years ago
  43. khawaja007

    guys please !, before you start blaming PC gaming and piracy for all such that, first think that how would a PC developer build would be leaked by an external source or an outsider ! there’s no chance of someone from outside doing it ! so there is someone from inside of crytek who did this PC gaming is not to BLAME !, anyway if you put some good game THAT before its day of release then everone’s gonna pirate it or distribute it illegally and this also happens on Consoles Too so stop bicthing about PC gaming and all that.

    #43 4 years ago
  44. back_up

    nothing surprise
    hacking ,pirating is in the blood of all PC gamers.

    #44 4 years ago
  45. TraceableX

    Sooner or later the final version will be pirated. This is not surprising.

    #45 4 years ago
  46. back_up

    look at that pirate and then PC gamers say all PC gamers are not pirates
    it’s fact PC gamers are pirates are not even ashamed they are killing developers

    #46 4 years ago
  47. back_up

    PC gamers don’t like later word
    They will pirate it sooner

    #47 4 years ago
  48. azmza

    dont care about pirate i m waiting the full game, developers need some respect for their works.

    #48 4 years ago
  49. bobjohn

    console has just as much piracy. in fact even more. check out marvel vs capcom 3 on xbox360. all consoles have been hacked wii xbox360 ps3 you name it.

    besides this crysis 2 is not a full release. its an incomplete build with missing cinematics basically work in progress alpha stage numerous bugs and crashes.

    #49 4 years ago
  50. bobjohn

    note multiplayer doesn’t work lol noobs fake article bg247 is posting.

    #50 4 years ago
  51. Gekidami

    Some screenshots here:
    And some more:

    And EA have responded:

    Didnt this happen to The Sims 3 too? I’m started to think EA are doing this on purpose, i honestly wouldnt put it past them.

    #51 4 years ago
  52. Robo_1

    Sad times, Crytek really didn’t need this. :(

    #52 4 years ago
  53. Yoshi

    Just guna copy and paste a comment I just saw about this, thought it was very true.

    ‘Well, don’t blame the PC community. Console games get leaked way before release too. Just look at the last two Halo games. They were both leaked in the summer before their release. If you want to pin the blame on someone, pin it on the employee that leaked it. A developer beta build of a game is not something that just appears on torrent sites.’

    #53 4 years ago
  54. razvan2you

    I posted this news yesterday…nobody belived me…
    I can be a developer now, I’m playing with the CryEngine Editor…nasty work….

    #54 4 years ago
  55. TheWulf

    The build is apparently very shoddy and bug-ridden, I don’t think there’s anything to get worked up over, here.

    But this is a great day for PC gamers! The development tools were leaked with the game, that could mean that we’ll be seeing some absolutely amazing mods for the released game. And wouldn’t that be a good thing? After all, the PC is the mecca of modding, and very often mods have sold games to people.

    See: TES IV.

    #55 4 years ago
  56. Overdos3

    What’s going on with all theese pc hater in here?
    This has nothing to do with pc gamers some people are really retard. It’s not a pc gamer who hacked EA to get the game lol this is impossible. If the game has been leaked it’s the proof that there’s an internal problem at EA a security problem.

    Now, this has nothing to do with pc gamers. But there are always people that will advantage the situation and download the leaked version.

    Pc gamers should not download this leaked version to support pc gaming. And if EA uses what happen as an excuse to leave pc gaming or something this would be the proof that they’re stupid and that they can admit that they failed securing their files.

    #56 4 years ago
  57. TheWulf


    Meh. Piracy never changed how saleable a PC game was.

    I remember one interview from a bit back where Gabe Newell was asked whether he was worried about the PC being a hotbed of rampant piracy. And how did he respond?

    He said that he honestly didn’t believe that it was, at all, because if that were true then he wouldn’t be sitting comfortably on a big bag of money (poetic license here, but that sums it up). Valve is very, very well off and Gabe seems to think that piracy is a parlour trick to cover up real reasons as to why games don’t sell.

    The 360 has just as much pirating potential as the PC, and the PS3 might eventually too (though not yet?), so that doesn’t really change anything.

    I’d say that the most likely causes of a PC game not selling well is because people are worried that the port is shoddy – that it’s not been designed for PC controls (Dead Space 2), that it’s so poorly optimised and buggy that it can barely run (Grand Theft Auto iV), or simply that there’s no market worth considering for the game that’s being pitched (Street Fighter IV).

    Those causes could be brushed aside with prerelease demos. But Bulletstorm isn’t getting a demo, so what do PC gamers think? They think that Bulletstorm will apply to all three of the above, so they don’t buy it. Or they pirate it to try it before they buy it.

    If piracy was such a big issue, then Valve would be a failure.

    Reality contradicts the ranting masses.

    #57 4 years ago
  58. Erthazus

    Geki have screenshots but they are kinda shitty. I will make few, i just worked a bit so i could not touch my PC until my work was done.

    #58 4 years ago
  59. Kalain

    Someone from either Crytek or EA distributed this. Its as simple as that. This isn’t an issue of PC piracy, more like someone wanted to get revenge or something.

    Piracy exists on all platforms in some form or another. For instance, the PS3, now that it has been cracked with the authentication key, is now just as easy to pirate software as the PC. In fact, it’s probably easier since you don’t need additional software to get past the DRM. There are several ‘shops’ offering to crack you PS3 so you can play the pirated Blu-Ray discs they have for sale.

    Also, to carry on what TheWulf said. If piracy on the PC was such a big issue, how come so many PC centric development studios are still open and making games, as well as expanding, whilst several console devs have closed doors after 1 game?

    Also, Crytek have said that piracy was a major problem for them, but they still managed to get enough money from Crysis/Warhead to buy out two studios and begin work on Cryengine 3. So if piracy was a real issue for them, they wouldn’t be in the finanical position they were.

    #59 4 years ago

    im sorry for Crytek…im happy for me:))=))…just joke!:D

    #60 4 years ago
  61. Erthazus

    Guys, who want sccreenshots? If you really want i can make them.

    I stopped playing because it’s not the final build. Clumsy a little bit and broken.

    But if someone wants i will make some. Just say: I want/me want or whatever :3

    #61 4 years ago
  62. Maximum Payne

    61@ I want screenshot :) And is the game have customization like crysis 1 with weapon ?

    #62 4 years ago
  63. Erthazus

    @62, sadly, i don’t see that at all… control scheme is dumbed down to be honest… For consoles.

    I want to say that everything i captured was on HARDCORE setting (Max setting). Problem is that it is not the MAX in reality. It’ a console build. There is no AA and a lot of Crysis 1 settings.

    But that console build looks better then anything consoles can produce anyway.


    #63 4 years ago
  64. Maximum Payne

    @63 WOW i get so hyped now :) Yea graphic are awesome and with mini map look like open ended like first crysis ? I cant wait anymore !!

    #64 4 years ago
  65. Erthazus

    @64, it’s open, but not much of a sandbox there, you still have a linear path.

    #65 4 years ago
  66. Nissanthen

    I am glad to hear that it isn’t the complete version of the game, I wasn’t really planning on Crysis 2, but the last few videos convinced me, I am going to pre-order it for PC now to show my support

    #66 4 years ago
  67. badboy_122

    @63 this is only on dx9 ? what the hell it looks like on dx11 ?
    thank god it’s not the full version ..thank god

    #67 4 years ago
  68. badboy_122


    dude … you’ve issues ..go see a shrink or something
    why all that hatred crap … only explanation that you had a bad experience with computers in the past life

    #68 4 years ago
  69. Erthazus

    @67, it is a direct X9 console crappy version without AA and etc.

    No one knows how the game looks in Direct X10 or X11 or with decent graphics to be honest. It’s unfinished beta.

    But you can complete all game from start to finish with this quality. There is also a Cryengine editor (if i’m not mistaken it’s third)

    #69 4 years ago
  70. back_up

    dude PC gamers are pirates.

    #70 4 years ago
  71. badboy_122

    @70 not all of them man …. come on ..don’t talk like that or people will start to lose creditability in your comments …
    I mean …I’d seen your comments in the HDD topic of geo hotz the PS3 hacker ..and you totally blame the PC community on that too … BTW all consoles use PC hardware ..without them your precious consoles can’t do a damn thing …please dude show some respect to the PC community …not all PC gamers are pirates ..
    I’m hoping my view got to you

    #71 4 years ago
  72. back_up

    yes almost all PC gamers are pirates
    look at Erthazus yesterday he was saying to me not all the PC pirates and now what did he do today he downloaded crysis 2 from torrents and shamelessly posting pics everywhere and geehot also did the same thing and posted root keys all over the world

    #72 4 years ago
  73. psybass

    badboy_122 don’t waste yours breath, he still a child don’t understand a shit, the only think he can say is pc gamers are pirates, he will grow eventually, i promise!=]

    #73 4 years ago
  74. Kalain

    So, by your warped logic, all PS3 players are hackers as a PS3 owner hacked the PS3 to open it up and described how to do it as well as posting the encrypted Security key online.

    Therefore, using Back_up’s Law, all PS3 gamers are hackers

    #74 4 years ago
  75. freedoms_stain

    @72, watch this:

    #75 4 years ago
  76. back_up

    he was computer expert noob
    he was forced to give his computer HDD or PS3 HDD idiot
    do research

    #76 4 years ago
  77. back_up

    psybass don’t wasted money on crysis 2 because he is downloading from like you never respect the developers may be one day you will learn to buy games

    #77 4 years ago
  78. Kalain

    But, He was a PS3 gamer, just like us PC gamers…

    So, when your vision is turned back on you, you become abusive and pretend to know something?

    I’ve done more research on this than you as it actually interests me, and failOverFlow, the people who actually broke it, where all PS3 gamers who where annoyed that Sony removed the option for AnyOS. GeoHot just did the presentation on it and put the key online.

    So if they were PC experts, so what, it takes PC/computer experts to do anything from cracking a game to designing hardware.

    Any PS3 user, including people like you, can easily crack your console to play pirated/copied games. So, instead of saying in your whiney voice ‘All PC Gamers are pirates’ do research into your own console and see just how open that thing is now.

    #78 4 years ago
  79. back_up

    PS3 gamer ??? he has no PS3 game collections ?
    then he should be hacking through PS3 not PC
    he is only PC gamer who just have one thing to do hack everything and prove is best

    #79 4 years ago
  80. psybass

    back_up@ shhhh its okay, your right new go to sleep.
    By the way i didn’t downloaded the game, and here you wrong again.

    #80 4 years ago
  81. back_up

    shhhh its okay
    good if you not downloaded it

    #81 4 years ago
  82. TheWulf

    First of all?

    I’m not sure piracy is even an issue for the reasons I’ve covered. Erth pirated it, yes. Will he buy it? I honestly suspect so. Most of us aren’t children any more, we understand the value of money, where it goes, and what it does. So we give our money to our favourite companies so that they might have the funds to go on making the things we love. The vast majority are intelligent enough to realise this.

    Is piracy a part of the equation, then? Maybe. It might tell us that we won’t be able to run the game on our system, but a demo would’ve told us that, so we delete it and we forget about it. But if our computers can handle the game, we buy that game to support the developers. Piracy doesn’t dictate sales or lost sales, and it’s even a great form of free advertising. The only thing that really matters is whether people are willfully set against buying a game, or incapable of doing so.

    If I play a demo’s worth of a pirated game and I find myself enjoying it, I’ll buy that game. In fact, I’ve sometimes found myself spending too much because there have been so many games I enjoy. That’s why it got to the point where I would only pirate a game if I’m sure it’s the sort of AAA title I’ll enjoy. Then it’s down to the pirated ‘demo’ to tell me whether or not I’m able to play the game. And currently I don’t really pirate any more, I’ve learned what games I like over time and what my computer can handle. So I stick with MMOs and a number of indie games. The irony is that indie games most often have demos, so there’s no need to even consider pirating those.

    When I upgrade, I might once again find myself in that cycle of piracy. Not to get games for free, but because there are no bloody demos for AAA games. So pirating is my only recourse to find out which games are even remotely playable for me. Not to mention that I have a couple of disabilities that I’m dealing with which make things all the more difficult. So I really need to know whether the game I’m going to spend a lot of money on will actually work.

    Secondly, I’m absolutely convinced now that back_up is some kind of bot, potentially based off the MegaHAL codebase. His comment at 81 reminds me all too creepily of those times when HAL could be entirely too cogent. FEd with the right sorts of sentences, I could see a bot automatically making the sort of outputs that back_up does.

    #82 4 years ago
  83. YoungZer0

    Saw a video of it on Youtube. Worthless BETA to say the least. To be honest: I’ll probably download it when the final product is out. Play it, if i like it i’ll buy it. Did the same thing the first Crysis.

    But it’s actually their fault for not releasing a demo. 50 Bucks is a lot of money. I’m not paying that much for a pig in a poke.

    #83 4 years ago
  84. Overdos3

    @81 backup
    Hey backup i’ve never seen such a stupid retard … If all pc gamers were hackers and pirates can you explain how can Steam does nearly 1 bilion dollars revenues? You’re probably making Valve and Blizzard laughting at the moment.

    #84 4 years ago
  85. back_up

    Hey Overdos3 i’ve never seen such a stupid pirate retard like you.
    Almost all PC gamers are pirates and buy pirated games.only few PC gamers buy games

    #85 4 years ago
  86. TheWulf

    I’m really calling bot at this point, possibly based on a slightly more advanced version of the MegaHAL codebase that I’m not aware of.

    #86 4 years ago
  87. back_up

    yes u r bot we get it
    now stop crying

    #87 4 years ago
  88. Soft-Is

    I feel so sorry for CryTek right now… I will support you!
    Pre-ordered the Nano Edition :)

    #88 4 years ago
  89. Magicpocket

    I can’t see an EA staff member or Crytek dev leaking this. Maybe an outside 3rd party or a press preview copy?

    #89 4 years ago
  90. razvan2you

    All I see from this story is a market strategy…..When I read all you posts or any of the siotes that posted the news, all I see is “I’M SO SORRY FOR CRYTEK, I’LL PREORDER THE GAME RIGHT NOW. I’LL STILL SUPPORT YOUR COMPANY”
    I rest my case…….

    #90 4 years ago
  91. FurqanHBK

    I totally agree with Razvan2you it,s a cheap game publicity for pc gamers to feel sympathy towards crytek and preorder the game more then 50 people preorder it in this thread only and it,s a way to show the pc community that crysis 2 looks and runs great on DX9 software I PERSONALLY THINK PC VERSION OF CRYSIS 2 WILL ROCK (Pre-ordered the Nano Edition in January)

    #91 4 years ago
  92. Gekidami

    The guns look really bad… Everything is ok but jeesh, whats with the guns? Seriously.

    #92 4 years ago
  93. Gekidami

    ^ *”EVERYTHING else is ok”

    #93 4 years ago
  94. Erthazus

    “The guns look really bad…”

    You look bad. Sorry. CRYTEK is known for innovation within the guns. It’s their style.

    If you don’t like it. GTFO. Art is subjective thing and guns is btw a big reason why people like Crysis. They are all different compared to other games.

    *”EVERYTHING else is ok”

    Everything else looks better then anything you played on your console that can’t do even a proper lightning, self-shadowing, or right 3D model.

    Everything looks like CRAP compared to what is done here even in this OLD build. From physics, to the geometry. If you don’t see it you are blind child i’m sorry.

    Just go somewhere and say that, people will laugh.

    #94 4 years ago
  95. Erthazus

    Come here when your favourite piece of 86 Metacritic crap will learn how to make AT LEAST 3d models right. Then we will talk.

    Or at least put something in the environment that is not post processing junk full of HDR lightning.

    #95 4 years ago
  96. Gekidami

    ^ lol looks like feeling just got hurt. Someone call a wahmbulance.

    No idea what you’re on about about “innovation”, that doesnt have anything to do with the fact that those gun models look really poor.

    #96 4 years ago
  97. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    Hey Erth,
    Which graphics setting is the highest: gamer, advanced, or hardcore? I can’t seem to find more specific options or than resolution and these.

    No worries – I own Crysis 1 and Warhead PC, I’ve been planning on buying Crysis2 PC since first announced. Just taking it for a test drive.


    #97 4 years ago
  98. Gekidami

    ^ Hardcore, there are no advanced graphic options, apparently.

    #98 4 years ago
  99. Erthazus

    “that doesnt have anything to do with the fact that those gun models look really poor.”

    in your eyes. ONLY.

    “^ lol looks like feeling just got hurt.”

    your feelings alwas hurt when it comes to DICE and CRYTEK, so it’s not a surprise you are trolling here.

    @Dr,Ghettoblaster, Hardcore.

    There are no decent settings, because it’s a freakin console build with few PC enchantments.

    #99 4 years ago
  100. Erthazus

    @Dr.Ghettoblaster, just a suggestion to you. Play only for 5 minutes, don’t play too long or your videocard can be screwed with this build.

    I played for 20 minutes and there is a sucky place where your card trying to render shaders and it’s doing not so very well in this build and your PC can shut down.

    #100 4 years ago
  101. Gekidami

    I’d say that the fact only you think i’m “trolling” says alot. Fact is Erthazus, when it comes to DICE & Crytek you act like a little kid whose just been told his finger painting isnt very good.
    Some of your posts literally come off as if you’re sobbing into your keyboard. You get THAT emotionally defensive.

    You really need to calm down and understand that other people have different opinions that dont always agree with yours, and you need to learn to accept them without throwing a hissy fit everything time.

    In short: Grow up.

    #101 4 years ago
  102. mathare92

    Seriously impressed by those screenshots. Props to Crytek. Shame though, I can’t imagine the console versions looking anything close to that.

    And yeah, the bastard(s) who leaked the build should be disemboweled, quartered and their limbs sent to all the Crytek studios, William Wallace style.

    #102 4 years ago
  103. daytripper

    ” gun models look really poor”

    seen much worse in most fps that have been released imo, think you’re talking out of your backside if i’m honest

    #103 4 years ago
  104. Isaaclarke37

    It’s a shame the game was pirated and leaked on the internet, even if its an early build.
    Pirates should respect what these developers do for the gaming community.
    One of the best titles ever being pirated.
    I am not feeling so well regarding this.

    #104 4 years ago
  105. Kalain

    Ok guys..

    People are making it sound like the game was out and a whole load of people stuck it on the torrents. Someone from either Crytek, EA or one of their affiliates, has put this out for some reason or another.

    When something like this hits the torrents sites, of course people are going to download it. Look at Halo Reach, when that got leaked 4 weeks prior to release, it was torrented to hell and back, and that was the actual game not the Dev build that this is.

    So, blaming this on the pirates is the wrong as it has nothing to do with the pirates at all.

    Sheesh.. come on guys, we all know far better than this and the crap propaganda that certain members on here spout as well as a number of thicko developers.

    EA/Crytek should look internally first before blaming this on the PC Gaming community, which is what they are doing..

    #105 4 years ago
  106. ultramega

    Downloading it now. Haven’t pirated a game for years, but I’ve been so pumped for Crysis 2. Gotta try it.

    And yes, I will buy it. I support developers. Crytek is an awesome company and deserves the support.

    #106 4 years ago
  107. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    It’s like a screener for a movie. There’s a lot of “placeholders” in the credits, rough edges and whatnot, which is cool.

    Very impressive.

    Definitley buying retail C2 on PC.

    #107 4 years ago
  108. DSB

    I’m not gonna download it, but I’m looking forward to seeing a “Cry” game with a bit of action again. Still, while it’s certainly pretty, it’s also pretty ridiculous how much glare there is in those shots. Did the aliens wrangle the sun closer to the earth or something?

    You couldn’t really be more wrong in terms of guns though, Erth. I respect the fact that the gun guy at Crytek cares a lot about making them realistic and functional, but making them realistic just means they handle like a lot of other guns you’ve seen before.

    I can’t speak for Crysis 2, but in Crysis the guns might as well have been current models, because there was absolutely nothing to distinguish them from the standard fare, either in videogames or the real world.

    #108 4 years ago
  109. Gekidami

    Where did i say they were “the worst gun models i’ve ever seen”? Seriously, could someone please source all this stuff i’m being accused of saying? Source me saying that the “PS3 is more powerful than PC”, source me saying “Crysis 2 on PC looks worst then *other game*”.
    Dont you susceptible fanboys ever get fedup of using straw man arguments?

    Yes you’re right, the gun models do look worst in other games but how is that relevant? They also look better in some other games. Crysis 2 wants to be a graphical benchmark, so i’d expect gun models that blow everything else away yet thats not what i’m seeing.

    Pretty much. Going off the Crysis2 360 demo, guns work in exactly the same way as the ones in CoD (same bullets physics, or lack thereof, if you prefer).
    I guess you could say the ability to add attachments on the fly in the first game was a new idea, but otherwise guns didnt behave in any different way then they do in other games.

    #109 4 years ago
  110. xino

    no point arguing with PC gamers!
    all they ever use in defence is Crysis & graphics to try and win arguments!

    they are the ones ruining the gaming industry, that’s the reason why devs are afraid of making games on PC and Publishers don’t want devs to make games on piece of shit trash PC.

    #110 4 years ago
  111. B.E.S.O

    @ 110

    So your PC Is shitty can’t even run supermario not our problem .
    for your information PC is the best port for games “At least always upgraded”

    You’re blaming PC gamers for a developer fault ! wtf i can’t believe you got a human mind !

    and if you got access to torrent sites you’d see that its downloads didn’t pass 1000 downloads !!

    a huge Game like Crysis 2 is available earlier than its rls date but nobody download it ?! thats because we PC Gamers appreciate others’ effort and will buy the game because it deserves respect .. look at StarCraft 2 and WOW .. then look at MindJack ?
    its about the Quality of the game and not the port its releasd for ~

    so pls stop blaming PC because Piracy is everywhere and for every console .

    #111 4 years ago
  112. HauntaVirus


    #112 4 years ago
  113. Grimrita

    The question is, how the hell did the pirate sites get it? Clearly someone in EA isnt doing their job properly, or they have ‘leaked’ it to give it an open beta unofficially.

    But with review scores full of bullshit today, is it any wonder gamers try before they buy?

    #113 4 years ago
  114. ThePenta

    how can they blame piracy? stupid whores, it’s all because of some asshole from EA or Crytek.

    #114 4 years ago
  115. makivic08

    All members follow me on twitter at and Register at

    #115 4 years ago
  116. xino

    a typical pcfanboy trying so hard to defend is £10000 custom build pc, which in the end would require error and constants updates.

    no one downloaded Crysis 2 demo? OH WOW, does it occur to you that 70 out of 30 people cannot run the game?

    I mean Crysis 1 was a hungry power game that only 20% people could run!

    look at StarCraft 2 and Mindjack? wow…what about them?
    all I see is a Real Time Strategy game and a third person action shooter….your point?

    PC Gaming is a piece of shit and it’s FUCKING killing the gaming industry:/

    when I finally become a game designer I’d make a game EXCLUSIVELY for the PS3!:)

    #116 4 years ago
  117. Kalain


    Actually, whats killing the gaming industry is the escalating cost of making a so called ‘AAA’ game.

    PC games cost less to make than a console game. how many PC centric developers have been put out of business compared to console developers? If a console game doesn’t reach a cetain level of sales, then that studio is under threat. If a PC game doesn’t reach a certain level, that developer keeps on going and makes another game or an expansion.

    Console development is governed by the publisher, not the studio, where as most PC publishers are also the developers as well.

    The PC, as a platform, brings in more money to the industry than the consoles on a per platform basis, and no, console isn’t a platform its a grouping.

    So, before you start spouting off rubbish, at least have some idea on the topic you are talking about.

    #117 4 years ago
  118. Grimrita

    @ 116 – what a prick.

    #118 4 years ago
  119. OlderGamer

    Kalain +1000

    And besides I have an off the shelf PC rig and can run pretty much whatever I want to run. I spent 600usd on it(I spent 699usd on my first PS3)(I spent 499usd on my first xb360 – and these are made so badly that I am on my thrid, and it is breaking.)

    Honestly the performance and reliability of a console vs a PC is staggering. The PC is a great value. At this point, I am about ready to throw my xb360 out the window. Oh and I have also replaced my PS3 too(only once so it gets better grades then the xb360)(Tho to be fair I use my xb360 a good 20X as much as I use my PS3).

    But going forwward it is Rift, Steam, and Onlive for me.

    Consoles = money pits.

    #119 4 years ago
  120. back_up

    PC games are hackers pirates everybody knows it no need to defend yourself
    PC gamers can cry in crytek forums if crysis 3 doesn’t comes out for PC

    #120 4 years ago
  121. RandomTiger

    @116 If you are a designer you will almost certainly make games for the platform you are told to make them for.

    #121 4 years ago
  122. Callum

    @116 I hope to god you never work in the indsutry. You sound worse than Bobby fucking Kottick.

    #122 4 years ago
  123. Callum

    ARGH Industry*. Why oh why do we not have an edit button :(

    #123 4 years ago
  124. back_up

    PS3 is the only true console
    360 has 50% RROD problems and 50% e74 problems. Every game developers need 1000′s of 360 because 360 gets RROD everytime while making game
    All developers are fed up of three shitty and PS3 is the only true console out there

    #124 4 years ago
  125. RandomTiger

    @124 I’m a developer and I’m not sick of the 360, I prefer coding for it over the PS3, though they all have their pro’s and cons.

    #125 4 years ago
  126. Crysis

    @125, Ignore him, he’s an ignorant Sony fanboy.

    #126 4 years ago
  127. back_up

    it’s better to be fanboy than pirate and hackers like you.
    PC gamers like you keep on killing the developers.

    #127 4 years ago
  128. back_up

    because it’s easy nothing else if PS3 was easy to code it would be vice versa.

    #128 4 years ago
  129. RandomTiger

    @128 Correct, the easier and cheaper it is to make a game the better.

    #129 4 years ago
  130. Michael O’Connor

    Ignore him and he’ll go away.

    He’s a troll who knows he has an audience.

    #130 4 years ago
  131. Kalain

    Not only can we have an Edit Button, but can we get an Ignore button as well.

    There are several individuals I would like to ignore due to their blind faith to one console or another and their complete ignorance to the PC as a whole. Also, those individuals who spout off rubbish with out doing any research into it, and when challenged on it they insult you.

    Please Pat, can we get these items added? Pretty please… Sugar on top.. :P

    #131 4 years ago
  132. back_up

    just like people Ignore :P

    #132 4 years ago
  133. back_up

    just like people Ignore you :P

    #133 4 years ago
  134. guapo

    @117 Pc as a platform brings in more money than console yes. People work on pc’s and hardware/software is big business. But there is no way in hell pc gaming brings in more money than console gaming. If i’m wrong show me a link but i think not. There is no way.

    #134 4 years ago
  135. guapo

    And console is a platform.

    #135 4 years ago
  136. guapo

    Sure there is more than one console, but there are thousands of pc’s each configured differently. If these were “consoles” each pc would be considered 1 “console”. By your logic the pc is a (much larger) grouping.

    #136 4 years ago
  137. Redh3lix

    It’s entirely the developers fault if they do not adopt enough security measures to stop an early build of their game reaching torrent sites. Stop blaming the people who download it, and take a good look at you’re own staff and security.

    #137 4 years ago
  138. Michael O’Connor

    @131 Pat’s already gone on record saying that there won’t be an ignore feature. The tech guys say the server apparently wouldn’t be able to handle it.

    #138 4 years ago
  139. Kalain


    I will get the link, doing this from my Mobile atm..

    PC is synonymous with Windows (either xp or 7). Platform, from what I know after working for several development houses, is the operating system the hardware has running on it. Developers consider Windows to be one platform, doesn’t matter about what version of windows they are running.

    So, if you want to get picky about it

    PS3 is a platform
    360 is a Platform
    Wii is a platform
    Windows is a platform.
    Linux is a platform
    OSX is a platform.

    Now, considering the vast majority of developers only develop games for the ‘Windows’ platform we can now replace PC with Windows. Now you can go down the silly Path of saying ‘Windows is seperate platforms with XP/7/Vista and associated 32/64 bit editions’ if you wish, but the result will still stay the same.

    #139 4 years ago
  140. Kalain


    Really? A simple list attached to an account? Odd.. but ho hum never mind then.

    #140 4 years ago
  141. Michael O’Connor


    “You won’t get:

    - An ignore button. Hilariously, this would have crippled the database and is the only thing we couldn’t have. The tech bods are insistent that we can’t do it. You’ll just have to put up with each other a while longer.”

    There is a potential alternatives though: . If you can find someone to update the hack.

    #141 4 years ago
  142. daytripper

    @109 check your comments at #96 and i was disagreeing with you

    “Dont you susceptible fanboys ever get fedup of using straw man arguments?”

    fuck off, twisting it again i see so i must be a fanboy because i disagree about gun models, great logic there pal.

    #142 4 years ago
  143. guapo

    @ 139 you missed my point entirely. The differences between the consoles goes deeper than just the os. They all have different hardware specs. When you look at pc’s, sure they may have a common os but there are thousands of different hardware configurations amking each pc a unique machine, unlike consoles. Therefore, if you group all these different machines together and call that a “platform” then you can also take the 3 consoles and call that a “platform” as well. Each of the operating systems you mentioned (linux, windows, osx) fall under the umbrella of “pc” while the 360, ps3, and wii fall under the umbrella of console. Get it?

    #143 4 years ago
  144. guapo

    It’s semantics really. I’m just waiting on that imaginary link. There is NO WAY pc gaming outsells console gaming. Her’s a link for you 2007:
    and another 2009:
    “Retail sales in the PC game software industry also experienced declines, with revenues down 23 percent, generating $538 million in 2009. The total console, portable and PC game software industry generated $10.5 billion, an 11 percent decline vs. the $11.7 billion generated in 2008.”
    Here, I’ll point out the numbers: pc games= $538 million everything else (software) $10.5 billion. I rest my case.

    #144 4 years ago
  145. guapo

    That was 10.5 billion minus the 538 million, obviously. Where’s that damn edit button ?? :)

    #145 4 years ago
  146. MegaGeek1

    I’ve just wasted 10 minutes of my life reading PC Pirates justifying themselves stealing.

    #146 4 years ago
  147. hitnrun

    This piece always seems relevant when this topic comes up.

    On that note, I’m not even sure the leak of Crysis 2 matters. Most people who were going to play the game (i.e. their target audience) were going to pirate it; does it matter if they do it now or later this year?

    @134: It depends on whether or not you count MMOs and casual portals in the totals.

    #147 4 years ago
  148. B.E.S.O

    @ 116

    Oh god .. you’re a PS3 fan kid who can’t even understand what others say !

    Not going to waste my time .

    #148 4 years ago
  149. albo88

    @147 that’s true but is also true that he who will going to pick it up now could thing abut it as far as the year is full of good stuff for pc like battlefield 3 or The Witcher 2 and next call of duty
    many peoples could thing is not worth it to pay just for the CD key

    #149 4 years ago
  150. blackdreamhunk

    after this article I think I am done buying games, I am no longer buying the crysis game the gaming Industry has become pretty much a joke–193957.phtml?s=50#comments

    #150 4 years ago
  151. Crysis

    Not the industry, but a majority of the community, they rather pirate games than pay for them, shouldn’t affect you though, just get on with your own life & forget what others do.

    #151 4 years ago

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