Fallout: New Vegas: Dead Money appearing on PS3, PC on February 22, more packs soon

Friday, 4th February 2011 15:02 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Bethesda’s just announced that Dead Money, the first DLC pack for Fallout: New Vegas, will release on PS3 and PC on February 22.

Furthermore, three more DLC packs will release “in the coming months” for a simultaneous launch on PS3, 360 and PC. No more details on those packs were announced.

Dead Money originally released just before Christmas as an exclusive piece of DLC for Xbox 360. When asked if the pack would make its way to PS3 and PC eventually, Bethesda recently remained coy about such a move.

“I think we’ll probably just have to wait and see,” VP of PR and marketing Pete Hines told VG247 in a recent interview. “I wouldn’t want to say anything more then that.”

Fallout 3 originally had three packs of DLC – Operation Anchorage, The Pitt and Broken Steel – exclusive to PC and 360 before they subsequently went to PS3 along with two other packs, Point Lookout and Mothership Zeta.



  1. Suikoden Fan

    exclusivr dlc is just bullshit, its for thar reason i dont touch tomb taider underworld, or the trilogy due out

    #1 4 years ago
  2. back_up

    three shitty owners are owned once again
    cod BO maps are also coming

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Razor


    #3 4 years ago
  4. OrbitMonkey

    I think I can contain my excitement until the inevitable GOTY thanks.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Isuru86

    This game looks aweful on PS3….

    #5 4 years ago
  6. AHA-Lambda

    wait?? only a 3 month exclusive window for one pack??


    #6 4 years ago
  7. HiredGun187

    They have not even fixed the bugs with the original release of FO/NV.
    I will not be wasting any more $$ on FO/NV until they get around to fixing it

    #7 4 years ago

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