BioWare: Dragon Age II DLC to “keep the focus on Hawke”

Wednesday, 2 February 2011 08:24 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Dragon Age II lead designer Mike Laidlaw has said that post-release content for Dragon Age II will maintain a “focus” on lead character Hawke.

Speaking to Games on Net, Laidlaw confirmed that gamers can expect the same type of DLC support BioWare has given for past titles like Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect 2, but added it’s learnt some lessons regarding DLC.

“We will be continuing to release content for Dragon Age II after launch, and I feel that we’ve learned some valuable lessons about what resonates with the players,” said Laidlaw.

“For instance, we intend to keep the focus on Hawke this time around; keeping your character consistent and progressing was a pretty key request we received from our player base, so we’re happy to deliver.”

Dragon Age II releases on March 5 in the US and March 8 in the UK for PS3, 360 and PC. A demo is apparently set to release later this month.