Zynga fires off cease and desist order over “ville” trademark, Blingville fights back

Wednesday, 26th January 2011 05:25 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Unfortunately, you can’t sue games like Blingville for possessing the worst name ever conceived.

Zynga, though, may have come up with a slightly more valid reason.

According to, Zynga’s prepared to fire up its legal machine over a game/developer called Blingville, which the Facebook giant claims to be a clear case of trademark infringement. As a result, Zynga fired off a cease and desist order, but Blingville doesn’t believe itself to be a vile “ville” villain.

Instead, Blingville recently filed for a declaratory judgment that’d give it the go-ahead as “fair use” of Zynga’s trademark. Not only that, Blingville also demanded that “Zynga be ordered to pay Blingville’s attorneys’ fees, costs and other expenses incurred as a result of this controversy.”

All of which leaves us wondering: When did Tim Langdell become president of Zynga?



  1. back_up

    PC gamers are teh Casual

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Gurdil

    I have to disagree: Blingville is a lame name sure, but at least it “means” something. WTF does Cityville mean since “ville” is a french equivalent to “city”?!? Cityville HAS to be the worst name ever conceived. Plus (off-topic) all these friends’ requests from Cityville and other Zynga games are really annoying, there are waaaay too many of them. Well I guess it proves their success is real but still…

    #2 4 years ago

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