King’s Quest III Redux nearing release

Wednesday, 26 January 2011 00:58 GMT By Brenna Hillier


After eight years of radio silence, adventure revamp specialist AGDInteractive has made a shock announcement of the imminent release of King’s Quest III Redux.

Although no firm release date has been set, the game is apparently nearly complete and due “soon”. A teaser page is available for all your staring-at-an-image needs.

In a lengthy forum post, an AGD representative explained that King’s Quest III was once the company’s most requested title, but a dislike of public pressure resulted in the project staying under wraps.

This approach was clearly justified as team mergers and other projects soon drastically slowed progress, but still managed to avoid the horrors of constant complaints for eager fans.

AGD previously spruced up both earlier King’s Quest titles, the first as a thoroughly faithful remake and the second with some serious plot shenanigans in the name of updating. King’s Quest III Redux will fall somewhere between the two, with no canon-shaking changes but a “few new features”.

Thanks, Blue.