Procedural MMO Love drops price, adds tons of new content

Tuesday, 25 January 2011 05:16 GMT By Nathan Grayson


What is love? No idea. But Eskil Steenberg’s lovely MMO called Love is now cheaper and better than ever. So take that, Valentine’s Day.

Steenberg outlined the changes in an, er, Craig’s List personal ad. It kicks the crap out of a boring press release, and well, see for yourself:

“I know you have been hurt before, but I promise I wont just use you as a gold farmer or ask you for micro payments. So take off that live headset and get with some one who knows the path to your heart is not found through grenade spam or calling you a f*g. You cant buy yourself no happiness with a achievement points! You need some proper lovin. For 10 Euros ill let you go all raw dog for SIX months. Thats some long term poonany commitment for ya.”

In case you blacked out from all the terrifying, let us reiterate: €10 for six months of Love. The game used to run you €10 per 30 days.

Click through the link for a massive cascade of recent changes large and small, most of which center around AI improvements (you can even “befriend” AI now, which probably heralds The End of Days) and new items.