Samus in DoA: Dimensions not playable, can help you, says Team Ninja

Monday, 24 January 2011 10:43 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Team Ninja boss Yosuke Hayoshi has said that Samus’s appearance in Dead or Alive: Dimensions isn’t a playable one.

The Metroid heroine was confirmed for the game in a trailer last Wednesday evening, which also featured enemy Ridley. But Hayoshi said she won’t be playable.

“So talking about Samus Aran, is she playable or not? This time she’s not playable. But Samus Aran will be shown in the game. She comes to help the player. That’s the collaboration shown there [in the trailer]. But how you can unlock Samus Aran? Please find out by yourself,” he told EG.

So there.

Dead or Alive: Dimensions hasn’t been confirmed yet as a launch title for 3DS, but is expected to release in the handheld’s launch period. It’ll release in Japan on March 25, the day before 3DS launches in Europe.