3DS to launch for $249 on March 27 in US, will cost between £219-£229 in Europe on March 25

Wednesday, 19th January 2011 15:10 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Nintendo’s confirmed a March 27 launch of 3DS in the US for $249.99 and a March 25 release in Europe. Retailers at the European event were told by Nintendo the system would cost between £219 and £229.

No price was confirmed during the presentation for Europe by Nintendo, but HMV’s mentioned on Twitter a £229 price for the basic console.

Both and ShopTo are now asking £220 for the machine.

There are reports of 3DS costing €250 in mainland Europe.

Eurogamer’s reporting that games are to cost £40 at launch from GAME.

The system was previously confirmed for a February 26 release in Japan.

More than 30 games were confirmed the 3DS’s “launch window” in both the US and Europe, as fully detailed here.

For a complete report of what happened at the two events, hit this. You can also take a virtual tour of the machine here.



  1. Blerk

    £249 confirmed, then.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Crysis

    Likely $350 in Aus then, so we’re likely paying $100 USD more than the US, & Europeans are likely to pay $75-90 USD more than the US.
    Too bad this is normal D:<

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Fin

    My god the Amsterdam event is boring.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. AHA-Lambda

    oh god aye!! I give up its total pants -_-

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Razor

    No EU price?


    #5 4 years ago
  6. AHA-Lambda

    no price? Is it that bad?

    #6 4 years ago
  7. Blerk

    They daren’t tell us.

    #7 4 years ago

    Meh, price is £225-£250 then.

    Come on sony. Show PSP2 now

    #8 4 years ago
  9. Uncontested

    250 for a hand held.. lol such a rip off.. you can get an xbox for less than that

    #9 4 years ago
  10. JonFE


    #10 4 years ago
  11. Razor

    Provided Sony don’t botch the reveal of the PSP2 (you wouldn’t put it past them) then Sony have got a real chance to recreate the PS2/Dreamcast situation.

    Pretty underwhelming, really. Big N will really need something for E3 you have to think.

    #11 4 years ago
  12. theevilaires

    Thats not bad at all. I’ll get one for sure. Its been a long time since I had a gameboy. Now that I think about it. Maybe I’ll wait for the second version of the 3DS when they make it slimmer and lighter. I think the PSP2 should be the same price also.

    #12 4 years ago
  13. Johnny Cullen

    Updated. HMV’s mentioning a £230 price.

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Razor

    Apparently HMV has it for £230.


    EDIT: Dammit!

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Crysis

    Think i’ll wait til the next iteration comes out so i can buy the original model for less than 1/2 price from a m8…

    #15 4 years ago
  16. Psychotext


    #16 4 years ago
  17. Blerk

    Pricey! And somewhat more than the £155 the exchange rate would suggest, even if you add 20% VAT.

    I don’t suppose anyone mentioned game prices?

    #17 4 years ago
  18. AHA-Lambda

    I WAS RIGHT!! :D

    wait…i was right? £230?!? D=

    EDIT: with VAT and the exchange rate this is approx £40 dearer than the US =/

    #18 4 years ago
  19. naffgeek

    I have a choice of this, ipod touch 32gb or PS3!!

    that decision just made itself.

    #19 4 years ago
  20. AHA-Lambda

    yep hmv already has it on their store;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=411861;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=941217

    #20 4 years ago
  21. TIMCSS

    Sony have to say something now before march 25th to get coverage.

    3DS is really a PSP in 3D. And for £230 thats alot of money.

    If sony release psp2 with 3D, Hdmi output, HD graphics, trackpad, really good networking (fb,twitter,psn etc) they have a really good chance. The only issue is price. And sony have to price either the same or lower.

    #21 4 years ago
  22. Moonwalker1982

    where’s the launch games lineup for europe?

    #22 4 years ago
  23. typeface

    Give the prices a few days to be honest. The Killzone helghast exclusive to hmv in the uk edition was priced 129.99 and a few days later they dropped it to 99.99. (that 99.99 full retail price btw with no discounts).

    Thing is whatever price they put right now is to cover their behinds in case the price is higher than they estimate or they can charge higher.
    I estimate it to be around the 210 mark to be honest but each retailer will compete to get the most favourable price. Game’s starting to put their’s up too. I assume we should have a stable price at the earliest possibly on Friday.

    #23 4 years ago
  24. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    Clearly waiting for the 3DSi or 3DSlite…

    #24 4 years ago
  25. AHA-Lambda

    games website nows says £230 aswell
    but has £220

    #25 4 years ago
  26. Erthazus

    @TIMCSS, Sony won’t make a handheld with 3D and at the same time in HD. It’s not cheap to do that.

    #26 4 years ago
  27. Moonwalker1982


    I hiiiiighly doubt Sony is gonna recreate anything. Nintendo has always been the king when it comes to handheld and i simply don’t see the 3DS failing. I certainly don’t see a PSP2 beating it in any way…i just find that incredibly far fetched.

    PSP didn’t beat DS, even with its better graphics and what not, i really don’t see why a PSP2 would make such a drastic change.

    #27 4 years ago
  28. Erthazus

    So… Who the fuck is going to be a douche of the year this year?

    This fucker is very dated and pricey as FUCK. With this shite you can buy a fucking GTX 480 1280MB or Sandy Bridge processor or something more……… Productive?

    Who will but this at launch is a sheep and deserve to be RAPED by Nintendo. 220 GBP for this little fucker is outrageous.

    @Moonwalker, first of all PSP 1 is very successfull and it’s the first handheld device that successed, while others failed.
    65 million units sold and it’s the 7th most popular console of all time.
    When Ninty started their first handhelds they had a DREAM to sold so much. Sony in it’s first jandheld sold more then Ninty in the past.

    Sony have EVERYTHING to take a Ninty pie and kill the brand. They got everything. As Razor said, they can recreate a Dreamcast|Ps2 situation at E3 if they are going to be smart.

    #28 4 years ago
  29. TIMCSS


    because the psp was sonys first handheld and Nintendo have been doing it for 20 years. Sony didnt have a user base already. Am sure sony have learnt there past issues with psp and its hardware.

    #29 4 years ago
  30. Patrick Garratt

    New pricing details for the UK up there now.

    #30 4 years ago
  31. Razor

    Nintendo are crazy.

    Come on Sony, this is your big chanc…oh, who are kidding. PSP2 will be equally expensive, if not more so, knowing Sony.

    #31 4 years ago
  32. TIMCSS


    but if it had HD graphics and hdmi output, plus am sure psn, playing minis, ps1 classics. And then exclusives like uncharted etc. At £230 its still alot. But for me, alot more value for money.

    #32 4 years ago
  33. Erthazus

    To win this handheld stupid war Sony need to make everything HD with trophies, Hardcore games (not REMAKES) and price it for 199 GBP and

    the winner is obvious.

    #33 4 years ago
  34. varsas

    Coupled with an incredibly poor battery life I don’t see this doing anywhere near as well as the DS until the 2nd iteration.

    #34 4 years ago
  35. Blerk

    I wonder what the ‘expanded audience’ think? Or are they all too busy with their new iPhones to tell us? :-)

    #35 4 years ago
  36. Anders

    It can currently be preordered for 2795 SEK – 263 GBP – here in Sweden. No thanks.

    #36 4 years ago
  37. Erthazus

    “I wonder what the ‘expanded audience’ think?”

    expanded audience is still waiting for the Pokemon. :D

    #37 4 years ago
  38. StolenGlory

    I can’t wait for Sony to fuck up Nintendo’s shit with PSP2.

    £229.99 and a bunch of shitty-ass launch titles?

    In the space of one shitty hour, I went from a 100% cert of putting down a preorder to 100% cert of telling Nintendo to get fucked.

    GTFO Nintendo.

    #38 4 years ago
  39. Blerk

    I’m fully expecting Sony to screw it up even better than Nintendo.

    #39 4 years ago
  40. McLovin85

    The thing I’m most surprised at is that everyone is shocked by the price. People saying they can buy an X360/PS3 for the same amount blah blah blah. Well of course you can they’ve been out for over 5/6 years.

    I’m no expert but I think in order for so much technology and power to be put into such a small portable machine Sony and Nintendo need to do even more R&D than for a console. Things like heat dispersion, size/ergonomic feel and battery life are just a couple of things that need to be heavily thought about.
    Just because the product is smaller doesn’t automatically mean it should be cheaper. I mean there are mobile phones that cost upwards of £400 (when not bought with a contract) that can’t do half the things the 3DS/PSP2 will be able to do.
    I think that the 3DS is fairly priced and with Nintendo relying solely on the games industry it needs to turn a profit on everything it sells. The PSP2 will be minimum £299 and will probably cost nearer £350 when it releases. I’m just giving you fair warning before you keel over in shock and cause yourself a serious injury. :)

    #40 4 years ago
  41. Patrick Garratt

    Added a bit there. Looks like it’s €250.

    #41 4 years ago
  42. Crysis

    Wow, I’m surprised by the pro-psp2 talk here, Sony’s psp was always a ‘failure’ in many people’s eyes, i don’t see how myself, selling more than Sony’s own home console is nothing to laugh at, it had several great games too, but i think Sony should expand the Mini’s & psone classics library & hopefully have a ps2 emulator by release of the PSP2, games like GTA San Andreas & Timesplitters 2 on the go? Yes Fucking Please!
    Add a HD resolution, a HDMI output, 2nd analog stick, 2 more triggers, & a newer & larger more efficient format, Thank You MR. Sony, you have a sale, just as long as you can keep it under $299 USD & gain large 3rd party support & expand your online services, a 3G model wouldn’t be a bad idea too, kind of like the iPad has.

    #42 4 years ago
  43. StolenGlory


    That’ll take some doing.

    #43 4 years ago
  44. Crysis

    Here’s a couple mock ups based from VG247′s leaks a little while back (remember that it now supposedly has a candybar base).

    #44 4 years ago
  45. AHA-Lambda

    game’s website has the games priced at £40 D=

    #45 4 years ago
  46. themadjock

    Nintendo are clearly taking a leaf out of Apple’s book… greedy jokers

    #46 4 years ago
  47. ruckus

    Way to help out Apple x_x

    #47 4 years ago
  48. OrbitMonkey

    I don’t know man. I see these prices & can’t help thinking Apple are gonna be selling a lot of ipod touches this year o_O

    #48 4 years ago
  49. AHA-Lambda

    Prices for games range between £30 to £40 depending on retailer

    #49 4 years ago
  50. pukem0n

    you’ll propably will get a 360 for that by launch ^^

    #50 4 years ago
  51. naffgeek

    hmmm appstore 0.59p…3Ds £39….fuck of 3D

    and i don’t own anything apple..yet.

    #51 4 years ago
  52. Patrick Garratt

    Updated. There’s some stuff in there now on game pricing.

    #52 4 years ago
  53. TheWulf

    If I decide to get one of these things alongside an iPad (which ‘rofflestomps’ it graphically), it’ll be via an American friend, after a way has been discovered to break the region locking.

    #53 4 years ago

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