First-month WoW: Cataclysm sales hit 4.7 million

Monday, 10th January 2011 14:38 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Blizzard’s just announced that first-month sales of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm reached 4.7 million units.

The expansion went on sale worldwide on December 7. In its first 24 hours, it sold 3.3 million units, with Blizzard claiming it to be the fastest-selling PC game of all time.

It was also one of the biggest selling PC games in the UK of 2010, as announced this afternoon by UKIE.

The expansion’s release changed the face of Azeroth completely.

“We created thousands of new quests, introduced new lands to explore, and extensively revamped the game world for World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, making it our biggest and most ambitious expansion yet,” said Blizzard boss, Mike Morhaime.

“We’ve been floored by the community’s response so far, and we’d like to thank them for their continued passion and support for World of Warcraft, and for helping Cataclysm reach this incredible milestone.”

Talk of a fourth expansion has already begun.



  1. StolenGlory

    Deserves it too.

    Superb expansion.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Callum

    Indeed. I had low expectations but took a risk and went back after ~2 years. What a revamp! Worth every penny for the hours of entertainment it has and will provide.

    #2 4 years ago

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