Mad Catz details 3DS accessory line-up, announces new Wiimotes

Friday, 7 January 2011 11:46 GMT By Johnny Cullen

3ds pouch

Mad Catz has announced its line-up of 3DS accessories that it’ll launch alongside the handheld, as well as a new range of Wiimotes.

For 3DS, it’s releasing a $20 traveller’s bag which will hold the console, two syli and 21 games. A cheaper $13 slipcase is also being planned.

Other accessories announced by Mad Catz for 3DS include screen protectors and styli.

For Wii, it’s announced a brand new line-up of Wiimotes, with Reactor at $30 and Reactor Plus at $35. Reactor Plus will have MotionPlus built-in, with micro versions being planned for the same price.

A “reflex” Nunchuk will also be available.

Thanks, Joystiq.