Disgaea 4 looking swish in new 6-minute trailer

Tuesday, 4 January 2011 12:14 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Nippon Ichi’s released a long trailer of Disgaea 4, showing off the long-running TRPG’s latest take on the Netherworld ahead of the game’s February launch in Japan.

Get the video over on RPGsite.

The game tells the story of Valbatoze (a vampire boy), Fenrich (a boy with wolf-like traits), and Fuuka (a girl with a Prinny-themed school uniform, and will be getting an English localisation in the form of a US version this summer.

Apparently, the game has a political theme. While aspects of Netherworld politics – like bribing senators – existed in previous games, it’s the central focus of the story and gameplay in Disgaea 4.

There’s no word yet on this making it to Europe.