Survey: Kids more interested in iDevices than consoles

Tuesday, 23 November 2010 14:29 GMT By Johnny Cullen


You can take your consoles and piss off with them. iDevices are the real deal.

According to a survey from research group Nielsen, 29 percent of 6-12 year-olds want an iPod Touch, with 31 percent wanting an iPad.

In massive contrast, though, only 12 percent wanted a 360, 14 percent wanted a PSP, 18 percent a Wii, 21 percent a PS3 and 25 percent a DS.

It was also discovered that out of the two motion controllers for PS3 and 360, Move was most-wanted with 17 percent. Only 14 percent of children wanted Kinect.

The survey was done before Microsoft dropped its massive marketing campaign for Kinect, however.

Thanks, GI.