Future Ultra Costume Pack release “undecided” for SSFIV on Xbox Live

Wednesday, 17th November 2010 17:42 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Capcom Japan has said it still has not resolved what caused the issues surrounding the Super Street Fighter IV DLC for Xbox Live to be pulled last week.

While all three Ultra items pulled are now back up on the service, along with the new Ultra Femme Fatales Pack. However, the release of the remaining Ultra costumes is in doubt.

According to Capcom Japan, it is not able confirm whether it meet its previously announced release schedule for the remaining six Ultra costume packs, and has gone as far as to list the items as  “undecided” on Capcom’s Japanese site.

PS3 owners can still expect the remaining packs on time, as the release  issues only pertain to the Xbox version of SSFIV.

We’ll send a mail, but 1UP said at this time neither Microsoft nor Capcom USA has issued a response.



  1. OlderGamer

    I am no where near the fighter fan that I used to be, I have a shelf and a half of Sega Saturn JP import fighters.

    But, this seems stupid to me.

    We are talking about costumes right? Not new fighters. Not even new stages. No new moves. Just new costumes. You know the type of things you used to be able to unloock on the game discs. I wouldn’t pay for that.

    I don’t even think I would download them for free tbh.

    This is right up there for those crazy folks that make a big deal out of game music.

    File it under “who gives a ….” and move on.

    #1 4 years ago

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