FCC mentions ZigBee and Bluetooth in OnLive MicroConsole report

Wednesday, 27th October 2010 15:46 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Shots and a schematic for OnLive’s MicroConsole TV adapter has surfaced via the FCC and according to the government agency’s report, the streaming box contains ZigBee 802.15.4 and Bluetooth.

According to Engadget, ZigBee mesh networking “is most often targeted at RF applications requiring a low data rate like lighting, sensor, and power socket control nodes in home automation networks”, so the inclusion of ZigBee may have more to do with Bluetooth than anything else.

Per OnLive’s site, the MicroConsole can connect with multiple wireless headsets, so it’s being assumed ZigBee has been implemented so that not only will the box support up to four wireless controllers, with ZigBee added it could also  support a ZigBee headset, microphone, and speaker.

This has lead Engadget to presume there may be some “ZigBee enhanced gameplay” in OnLive’s future.

Announced back in March, the MicroConsole – basically an HDMI out jack – is slated for a late 2010 release; however, the MicroConsole the FCC got its hands on was a pre-production unit listed as a “Pre-DV Sample” so it may be a while yet before it hits retail.

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  1. Erthazus

    That thing is still on the market?

    There is someone from VG247 that use that service for gaming? :D

    #1 4 years ago
  2. CroMagnon

    Dude, it’s not even on the market and most gamers already ignore it.

    That micro-console still looks exactly like it did in those initial rendered images back from when it was first announced and they’re always quietly pushing back the date when it’ll go live.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. OlderGamer

    I use OnLive.

    VERY good service, a bit pricy still and game selection is limited. It is still in active betta so I expect things to keep changing and evolving.

    The microconsole is not on the market and I have doubts as to if it will suceed or not. But I had doubts about Netflixs own streamin enabled devices too. They launched fine(for 100usd) and eventualy paved the way and proved that netflix streaming in homes on TVs was viable. That triggered a frenzy for MS, Sony, and Nintendo as well as TV manufactures themself to offer Netflix on their own.

    I figgure samething is true for OnLive. If they can prove that there is intrest and it works, that shows potiental. Wait for EA, THQ, or Acti to launch their very own device that runs OnLive and features their own line up of games. Or watch Valve Launch theirs that runs both OnLive but also expands it with Steam.

    Dont laugh off Cloud/streaming based gaming. Its going to be huge. You just seeing the very tip of the iceburg right now.

    Just sit back and wait.

    Make no mistake about it this is the industries long term hope to fight back against second hand sales. ALOT of very important eyes are on both OnLive and David Perry(who rolls out his streaming service very soon).

    What if Apple bought OnLive and launched it(albeit slightly different) and looked to compete in Music/Movies/and Games).

    Gotta think big.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. reask

    Just signed up and it wont launch.
    Says my graphics card doesnt support pixel 2.0 shading or something.
    Thats what puts me off PC gaming.
    At least with a console you know the game will work /sighs.

    #4 4 years ago

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