Romero linked to dubious Facebook app company

Wednesday, 20th October 2010 08:08 GMT By Justin Kranzl

Oldschool id Software

John Romero hasn’t had the best decade-or-so. At one time the biggest name in games development, the Doom designer exited then all-conquering id Software to head up his own uber project. Sadly, that project was Daikatana, an overblown, overhyped and ultimately mediocre FPS whose development went down in games lore as one of the biggest fiascos of all time.

After a battering from a once-adoring public, Romero slid out of the spotlight to focus on less high flying projects. Among them, Venturebeat reports, is a Facebook game Romero is working on as a consultancy basis for a company called LOLapps, which happened to launch today.

LOLapps made the news the past couple of days after a Wall Street Journal’s investigation into privacy breaching Facebook apps came to light exposing serious breaches of privacy and illicit information sharing practices from the top app makers on the service. The social network removed only one company’s games from the service – LOLapps’. The company’s games have been reinstated to the service after working with Facebook to remove offending elements.



  1. Dr.Haggard

    Wow. There’s been a few dubious articles on VG247 but this takes the biscuit. It’s really sad to see this kind of shitty tabloid journalism on a gaming blog, but it’s even worse seeing it here :(

    #1 4 years ago
  2. CptKurk

    Nothing wrong with the odd piece of yellow press, especially when it’s a classic fall-from-grace story. Besides, anyone who gives his game a Japanese name before consulting a Japanese dictionary deserves a slap on his fingers.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Dr.Haggard

    The whole thing is misleading, just an excuse to drag John Romero’s name through the mud again. Surely that’s getting old now.

    The headline is irresponsible, and the article linked to doesn’t say the game he developed with LOLapps was involved in any way with the scandal over the violation of Facebook’s privacy policies, only that its release was held up as a result.

    If Justin had read the article he linked to and realised this – which he appears to have done since he stops short of making the claims his post implies – then what exactly is the point of the ‘news’ post in the first place?

    The original article is a long and overwhelmingly positive piece about the game itself with quotes from John Romero, whereas Justin’s post above is merely an excuse for an irresponsible tabloid style headline. Sigh.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. mortiferus

    I agree this is not up to the usually good VG247 standards and is incredibly misleading and sensationalistic. Romero is not without issues or flaws but this piece is just slanderous. Pat, care to comment?

    #4 4 years ago

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