CDP degrades Witcher 2 console release to “potential”

Wednesday, 20th October 2010 14:17 GMT By Patrick Garratt


That 360 and PS3 version? Don’t think so.

The Witcher 2 senior producer Tomasz Gop has cast a pretty long shadow on the chance of the RPG ever making it to consoles.

“All I can say for now is that it’s not likely for any POTENTIAL [sic] console release to be simultaneous [with the PC game],” he told Eurogamer this morning.

He then apologised for being able to offer only a “no comment” on the console game’s current status.

As laste as March this year, CD Projekt was claiming the game was heading to both PS3 and 360.

The Witcher: White Wolf, a console adaptation of the first Witcher, was canned due to funding problems.

The Witcher 2 releases for PC next year.



  1. Quak0r

    Well seeing as the PC is dominating the market right now it’s understandable. Would be cool though if the underdogs at least would get a port later.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Thalius

    Like the first one i’m not gonna buy this one too.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Erthazus

    Thats actually good in my opinion. No dumbed down gameplay, story, graphics and e.t.c. Because 90% of users like choochoo on xbox 360 or PS3 won’t enjoy Eastern European game like Witcher 2 on consoles.

    I think if they wanted to, they could make it on consoles. Bioware have a market there. Small one, but still.

    Want a good example of an Eastern European game that was epic on PC and is bad on consoles now? Arcania: Gothic 4. A disaster, just because publisher wanted to make game for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

    PC version was a dumbed down linear-console version, just with better graphics and shitty gameplay and shitty gameplay with bad story and dialogs. Console version is just a disaster in visuals with same awful gameplay, story and e.t.c.

    Another one? RISEN that was without bugs this time (You can’t port it to consoles if it has some serious bugs), but because Piranha bytes for the first time made a game without serious bugs it suffered from:

    1) gameplay
    2) story
    3) small world

    Everything was average, again, because of CONSOLES.

    So stick to the best platform and make the best game you possibly can for that platform. End of story.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. Blerk

    Boo! :-(

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Erthazus

    @4 Sorry Blerk, but i wish they could finish PC version first, because i don’t want another failure like RISEN or Arcania: Gothic 4.

    and maybe just stick with the PC version.

    #5 4 years ago
  6. Aimless

    I’m sure they’ve been stating for the longest time that they’d like to do a console version but aren’t ready to commit to anything. In other words this seems pretty consistent with what they’ve been saying since E3.

    Incidentally from what I’ve seen the game would work great on a console so long as they could get the engine working. It’s a very ambitious and granular game, but its mechanics sit well on a pad.

    #6 4 years ago
  7. M2Kx

    “Well seeing as the PC is dominating the market”

    And that will be which market?

    @Erthazus: You still have some probs with geography right? < - nevermind, reading mistake ;)

    #7 4 years ago
  8. Blerk

    Well, I think they were always going to finish the PC version first – that’s only to be expected because they’re a PC company at heart. It’d have just been nice to know that console ports were definitely on the cards even if it was a fair while later.

    The game looks great, but I don’t have (and am never likely to have) a gaming-grade PC.

    #8 4 years ago
  9. Erthazus

    @7 “You still have some probs with geography right?”

    I think you have. Developers of Witcher are in the middle of the East Central and South-East Europe Division.


    Go to school.

    #9 4 years ago
  10. Quak0r

    @7 the game market of course :)

    #10 4 years ago
  11. M2Kx

    @9: edited :)

    @10: ohhh… ok, still confused .__.

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Jan

    “PC is dominating the market”, what was it?, 5% they sold to the PC marked for Medal of Honor?

    #12 4 years ago
  13. Happy Hardon Harry

    Consoles are shite! Period.

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Kalain

    Obviously you missed this bit:

    “Worth noting: PC sales on Steam aren’t tracked, so it’s fair to assume 5 percent is actually well short of the mark.”

    #14 4 years ago
  15. freedoms_stain

    I think it’s better that they concentrate on the PC version first.

    Get it nice and optimised so the specs can be kept down.

    #15 4 years ago
  16. joshua nash

    given the fact that the first witchers console port got canned i don’t hold any hope that a console port of witcher 2 will ever happen

    #16 4 years ago
  17. BULArmy

    I just can’t understand why everybody say that there need to be a console versions. The consoles have big exclusives, why can’t the PC also have one big exclusive? We lost Crysis, мaybe S.T.A.L.K.E.R. and many others. The PC need AAA exclusive games that are not affected by consolification and they can sell millions of copies even with rampant piracy.

    #17 4 years ago
  18. Blerk

    Well, there doesn’t have to be a console version. I’d just like one. Is it wrong to want stuff? :-)

    #18 4 years ago
  19. Old MacDonald

    A shame, I suppose. Though it doesn’t matter for me. The console is in the living room, and the computer is in my office. I never get enough alone-time in the living room to be able to play these big RPGs there.

    #19 4 years ago
  20. M2Kx

    @17: are you kidding me? there’re way more “exclusives” on the pc, they just don’t sell as much as the console exclusives.

    #20 4 years ago
  21. M2Kx

    @17: are you kidding me? there’re way more “exclusives” on the pc, they just don’t sell as much as the console exclusives.

    #21 4 years ago
  22. Soldier19h

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    #22 4 years ago
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    Continue for part1.

    #23 4 years ago
  24. LordCancer

    gothic series isn’t exactly a spectacular feat technically speaking… even though i liked gothic 2 and 3. what do you expect? games in general are not made for the hardcore anymore. and if im not mistaken pc gamers had plenty to complain about with the gothic series before it was ever “consolified” im sick of the “its dumbed down for console audience” argument. euro rpgs are notoriously so bad there good.

    the fact is everything including music, movies, sitcoms and videogames regardless of platform are made for the broadest audience possible. the witcher and demon souls are the exception and thank your lucky stars you still get something thats occasional brilliant. but please, please, please stop with the it was dumbed down for console argument its fucking retarded. consoles don’t make bad games, lame ass developers like todd howard do.

    morrowind was perfect, why blame what todd or that other faggot whos making game with that dip shit baseball player did to the elder scrolls series on xbox? the witcher would have been just as awesome with slightly less spectacular graphics on a console. i would have bought it again.

    there changing the combat to be less lame and more user friendly. i guess thats xboxs fault right…. stupid.

    #24 4 years ago

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