Rumour – Milo and Kate cancelled at Lionhead [Update]

Thursday, 23rd September 2010 09:30 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Update: “No comment” from Microsoft.

Original: Lionhead’s long in development Kinect project Milo and Kate has been cancelled, according to a report from Eurogamer.

19 contractors have apparently been let go because of its cancellation

The tech that’s been built for the title will live on, according to the report, in a Kinect title built specifically for Fable, with two teams now working on the franchise.

Molyneux was coy as to if we’d see Kinect support in Fable III at all when speaking to VG247 at gamescom last month, having previously confirmed it would not be in the game day one.

Milo was first announced back at E3 2009, when Kinect was announced as Project Natal.

Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg said back in June the title was a tech demo, and was not being planned for release. He later clarified it was still in development, but it was not a product “we plan to bring to market this holiday.”

Back in July, however, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux showed off the title proper for the first time at a TED Global talk in Oxford.

Like Greenberg before him, Molyneux said at the TED talk Microsoft had no plans to release the title.

We’ve emailed Microsoft.



  1. justiceblob

    Not really suprising, but a shame anyway. I was very interested in this project, especially Milo learning from the cloud.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. KAP


    That Peter Molyneux is such a bull shitter!!!
    Gotta love him for it though.

    If this story teaches you anything about devolopers such as him its that they;d tell the fans what ever they wanna hear until reality kicks in.

    Shame really because even though i probably wouldnt have bought this Kinect bollox i was really interested in this Milo thing at first

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Blerk

    I find myself neither surprised nor particularly bothered. It was an interesting tech demo but I never could quite imagine how it would ever have become anything more than that.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. mojo

    well pete the liar is on fire again..

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Gekidami

    Understandable really, this isnt the type of game MS would have any interest in. I bet Lionhead arent happy, you could tell Molyneux wanted to release the game as much as you could tell MS didnt…

    #5 4 years ago

    Id like to think that its just the fact your talking to a child and thats why its be canned, however the gamer in me feels like the tech didnt really work and was all bs and a lie (enhance they have sacked some of the team)

    #6 4 years ago
  7. elronathon

    @4: I don’t see how he is a liar. Development is a pretty complex business, more games/projects than you can possibly imagine get very long in development only to have the plug pulled. Pretty sad really.

    Molyneux should probably have learnt by now to keep his cards closer to his chest since when these things happen it makes him look bad. I love his enthusiasm though and I can relate to his eagerness to share his ideas with people.

    I don’t really understand the animosity that a lot of ‘gamers’ display though. At the end of the day he’s trying to further a medium that we all love, why anyone would want to stick the boot in when things don’t work out is beyond me.

    #7 4 years ago
  8. mington

    Molyneux deserves the death penalty

    #8 4 years ago
  9. EscoBlades

    As a general rule of thumb…i’ve never taken anything Molyneux has had to say seriiusly….ever!

    #9 4 years ago
  10. Ge0force

    That’s sad… Milo was the only interesting thing about Kinect for me. Now there’s nothing left but Wii-clones and on-rails games.

    #10 4 years ago
  11. KrazyKraut

    how can someone be such an asshole to put himself into a game…his ego is big, his balls small

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Johnny Cullen

    Microsoft’s responded. No comment.

    #12 4 years ago
  13. Freek

    Wich is the same as a conformation when a cancelation is the rumor.

    #13 4 years ago
  14. Blerk

    Indeed. As Sony proved yesterday with the LBP story, “no comment == yes, that’s completely true”.

    #14 4 years ago
  15. orakaa

    @6 : Honestly, the project wouldn’t be canceled if it was “just” for the “child part” : they could easily have replaced Milo by an alien or an animal or whatever.

    It was admitted before by the guys at Lionhead that the demos showed were just “tricks” and that Milo wasn’t “responsive and comprehensive” as they made it appear to be, as the demos were staged.

    I honestly think they just couldn’t make it really work, and that it was just a fake product/demo (for the major part). There was quite some work in it, but in the end, it is just like the “Kinect Star Wars” fake demo we saw a few months ago : they couldn’t bring it to something that could be played

    #15 4 years ago
  16. SplatteredHouse

    How’s that? Peter’s the head of the European Division, but they still can’t comment! LOL! I wonder if Mr. Software Houdini can make other things, besides those made by Lionhead, vanish before people’s very eyes, too? :)

    #16 4 years ago
  17. Dannybuoy

    I can see the Daily Mail headline now: “Sick kiddie soliciting game now banned”

    #17 4 years ago
  18. JonFE

    Have to admit that Milo & Kate was the highlight of last year’s E3 for me, so I really wish this isn’t entirely true; however my realistic side agrees with Blerk on not being able to imagine the complexity of it becoming anything more than a tech demo.

    #18 4 years ago
  19. AHA-Lambda

    just cancel it already i’m sick of hearing that its on and off again.

    Everyone said i was crazy when i told you all this would never be released, who’s laughing now? MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

    #19 4 years ago
  20. Zaan

    I tell you it was never real! That was a huge lie.

    #20 4 years ago
  21. Kerplunk

    So we’re just a few hours away from a new story were Aaron Greenberg assures everyone that the Milo and Kate game (game/thing/experience/grooming simulator) is coming after all.

    Just like last time!

    #21 4 years ago
  22. Galactic_Barret

    Of course its cancelled. The Kinect itself can only recognize 3 languages at launch, the E3 ’09 showing was more or less fake, and personally, I have yet to see anything showcasing the speech functionality in-game. All that, plus the chip removal more than likely put this game to bed.

    Even considering Molyneux’s track record (I don’t follow it, honestly), as educated gamers, we all should have known this was more fantasy than anything.

    #22 4 years ago
  23. theevilaires

    Told you it was fake, just a damn tech demo. All the lies about Natal are being revealed before its launch.

    #23 4 years ago

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