Capcom denies “alienating” PS3 owners over Case: West 360 exclusivity

Wednesday, 22nd September 2010 14:23 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Capcom has denied to Eurogamer it’s “alienating” PS3 owners who intend to buy Dead Rising 2 this week after announcing the game’s epilogue, Case: West, would be exclusive to Xbox 360 at TGS last week.

Case: West, a second mini-chapter outside of Dead Rising 2′s main story, was announced last week in Tokyo as a 360 exclusive.

Co-producer Shinsaku Ohara, however, said the release of Case: West was a present towards 360 owners for supporting the IP.

“I think [Keiji] Inafune said that we’re sorry that it seems like you’re getting a little bit less of the Dead Rising 2 universe, but you’ll still be able to enjoy the full game,” said Ohara.

“You’ll just miss a little bit of extra. We haven’t completely alienated PS3 gamers because Dead Rising 2 is a standalone boxed product.

“At the beginning we didn’t know that this new IP would be a success, but the fans on the console really assisted in making it into one.

“So it’s like a present, something that we gave back to the original Dead Rising fans.”

Developer Blue Castle Games added in the interview that the entire Dead Rising 2 story was designed to be complete without epilogue Case: West and already-released prologue Case: Zero.

“The game was completely designed to be a self-contained and enjoyable experience, beginning to end, regardless of the prologue and the epilogue,” said BC’s Rob Barrett.

Dead Rising 2 releases this Friday in the UK for 360, PC and PS3.

No date yet for Case: West.



  1. Kerplunk

    This persistent ‘glass half empty’ look on everything is tiresome.

    Just because a games company does something specific to one platform it’s not a statement about all the other platforms.

    Simple solution: buy all platforms – then you don’t risk being ‘alienated’. AND you get the best version of every game. It’s Win/Win! :)

    #1 4 years ago
  2. cookiejar

    I love making people pay for presents :D

    #2 4 years ago
  3. NomadsoulZA

    @ 1. I totally agree. Having both platforms eliminates this whole “exclusivity” issue.

    #3 4 years ago
  4. Michael O’Connor

    @1 That’s the internet for you.

    I already owe ever single format myself, so none of it matters to me. I get the best of all worlds.

    #4 4 years ago
  5. Moonwalker1982

    Exactly, me too.

    #5 4 years ago
  6. DSB

    You will stop this getting along, and you will stop it right now!

    Flame on!

    #6 4 years ago
  7. DrDamn

    True, but the response from Capcom is clearly bobbins. I suppose the truth is something like – we got a better deal from MS by going exclusive.

    #7 4 years ago
  8. Neolucifer

    I’m of the opinion that games dev should focus so much on multiplatform looking the exact same and providing the exact same content .

    Each game should try , without busting up their budget obviously , to play the strength of each machines .

    Enough with the “let’s be fair” PC crap

    #8 4 years ago
  9. theevilaires

    Well what about E.A. giving a shit load of great exclusive content to the PS3 only. MOH special edition anyone and Dead Space 2 is suppose to have that wii game exclusive to PS3 only on one disc I think…..So yea anyway capcom sucks balls more than O’Connor so who cares really.

    #9 4 years ago
  10. StolenGlory


    TEA, do you know if EA have released any media of the Medal Of Honor: Frontline remake? I mean, i’ve seen the Dead Space Extraction HD update vids that came out of TGS, but fuck all on the Frontline update.

    It’s due out in a little over three weeks too :/

    #10 4 years ago
  11. Gadzooks!


    Why is it ‘bobbins’? Why wouldn’t they simply show support for a platform holder that showed them support?

    Good working realtionships happen all the time between platform holders and devs/publishers.

    #11 4 years ago
  12. Lord Gremlin

    Ok, I play on PC and PS3 and I’ve been alienated and won’t be buying DR2 therefore Capcom is wrong.
    Come to think of it, I can’t remember when I’ve bought a Capcom game… It’s been years.

    #12 4 years ago
  13. theevilaires

    I have no clue Stolen G. I’m just going by what they said at E3

    #13 4 years ago
  14. StolenGlory

    @13 Bah, cheers anyway.

    #14 4 years ago
  15. Ge0force

    I don’t like this prologue and epilogue trend. If it’s part of the initial game, just put it on the disc, but don’t make people pay for DLC before the game is even released! Only on xbox, just keep it there please.

    #15 4 years ago
  16. Axelander

    So sort of, it’s the PS3′s fault that the original isn’t on the console. Fuck you, Capcom! A gift for supporting the IP?! Are you retarted? What did you expect that the 360 owners will do now that the game is multiplatform? Just stop buying the 360 version? No, you HAVE alienated PS3 owners

    Also @9, have you ever heard of Activision?

    #16 4 years ago
  17. revsoul

    You guys go BUY another console for me so I can play it. Otherwise…

    #17 4 years ago

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