HD Aion footage shows Gelkmaros zone as Balaurea precursor

Tuesday, 31 August 2010 19:20 GMT By Patrick Garratt


The Assault of Balaurea sure likes like a pretty war.

NCsoft has put out an HD look at Aion’s new Asmodian zone, Gelkmaros.

This will debut with the launch of expansion Assault on Balaurea later next month.

Apparently, “Reports from the front line indicate that the Elyos have secured a base of operations in Inggison, while the Asmodians continue to defend their region of Gelkmaros.

“This thrust is merely the first battle in a war that will be fought by all Daevas and consume all of Atreia.”

As it ever was, this is a seriously good-looking MMO. Watch out for the upside mushrooms and obligatory flying.