gamescom: Video and quick impressions of new Halo: Reach multiplayer level

Monday, 23rd August 2010 07:39 GMT By Keza Macdonald


This is what happens when you’re in an “open” games show event and you’re not quite sure what to do. Keza wrote this.

Bungie used gamescom to reveal a never-before-seen Firefight level for Halo: Reach – it’s called Corvette, and it’s pretty awesome.

It’s a huge hangar in the recognisable Halo blues and purples, with plenty of shielded balcony positions for sniping and an open floor ideal for gravity hammer rampages We played a ten-minute Firefight with three other gamescom attendees (and won, obviously); waves of enemies were periodically deposited from dropships and we had to work together to kill ‘em all as quickly as possible.

Reach is finished now, and will be in reviewers’ clawlike hands in the next few weeks and in shops on September 14th.



  1. ybfelix

    For all the good Halo was, I never liked the colorization of the franchise. Maybe I’m just not a purple person.(And matching it with green is even worse, so there you go, Kinect).

    Actually prefered the graphics through “next-gen” fitler in Forge. Yeah, I know, I know.

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Petulant Radish

    Colourisation (or colorization for our American chums) is the a word describing the process of adding colour to black and white films and photographs, not the word to describe the colour scheme/palette used in a computer game. I’ll take my pedant hat off now and shove it up my derrière.

    I like the Halo colours though, especially in Grunt Party mode where they send out a glorious wave of multicolour streamers.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. Aimless

    I’ve always liked the pearlescent hues of Covenant architecture, the organic look plays off well against the more muted blues and straight lines of the Forerunner structures. The visual variety helps to switch things up even though you’re essentially doing the same stuff in both environments.

    #3 4 years ago

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