Ranger Pack DLC for Metro 2033 dated

Friday, 30th July 2010 19:43 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


4A has announced via Twitter the Ranger Pack for Metro 2033 will arrive on August 3 for PC and Xbox 360.

The DLC adds new weapons, Achievements, and reduced ammo with all weapons and attacks doling out more damage – for you and your enemies.

Ranger Hardcore has also had the HUD removed, and the new weapons are the Heavy Automatic Shotgun, and the Volt Driver.

The DLC will be free on Steam, and 240 MSP ($3) on Xbox 360.



  1. AHA-Lambda

    i thought this was already out O_O what kept them so long for what is essentially a weapon pack?

    #1 4 years ago
  2. Phoenixblight


    Much smaller team such a small team that I assume the core team is the DLC team and they are also working on the sequel. Its not like they are Bioware where they can have two seperate teams, one focusing on Sequel and the other DLC.

    #2 4 years ago
  3. LOLshock94

    i heard it was half of what the team who made STALKER

    #3 4 years ago
  4. ninjanutta

    whos going to buy this so long after release? i was done with that game ages ago.

    #4 4 years ago

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