Kotick would like more PCs hooked up to TV sets

Tuesday, 6 July 2010 21:49 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Bobby Kotick has told the Financial Times he would like to see gamer-friendly PCs plugged into television sets.

According to Kotick, Activision plans to “very aggressively” support Dell and Hewlett Packard’s plan to connect PCs to TVs, in order to “broaden our audiences” by using other devices.

The CEO also mentioned his excitement over Kinect, which he hopes will revive the peripheral market, its “physical interfaces”, and voice-controlled gaming.

“You’re going to see a tremendous amount of innovation in audio,” he said. “Voice recognition is something people haven’t really thought about from a user interface perspective.”

During the same interview, Kotick told the FT that he wasn’t happy with the current business model of services like Xbox Live, stating that Activision would like to “provide much more value” to the millions of players on Live, but “it’s not our network”.

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