Interview – Nintendo’s Laurent Fischer

Tuesday, 22 June 2010 09:58 GMT By Patrick Garratt


Laurent Fischer, Nintendo Europe’s MD of marketing, had a good E3. 3DS was the talk of the show and Nintendo’s press conference couldn’t have gone better. He was in a chipper mood, then, when we caught up with him in LA last week to ask him when we can expect a price point for 3DS, how Nintendo feels about Sony and Microsoft’s “rush to motion” and whether or not we’re going to see any price-cutting from Nintendo this year.

Hit it, innit.

VG247: First of all, your press conference was amazingly good. I think it surprised a lot of people. How important was it for you to impress everyone this year?

Laurent Fischer: I think it comes down to, “What’s your proposal?” The common comments I get from everyone is that once we announced we were about to show new hardware, everyone has a certain level of expectation. And “everyone” includes us, the Nintendo team. What’s important for us is that this product actually delivers more than anyone expected.

Impressing people isn’t specifically the aim. It’s important for us to be able to explain our purpose. We knew from the Nintendo DS and Wii hardware that we have a concept that is either innovative or difficult to explain, so having the experience from these two previous launches that we believe we have a proposal that’s strong and innovative for the consumer.

But it’s difficult for us to explain it to the consumer. Seeing is believing. It’s important for us to deliver that message, and it’s not very easy to do that in the media briefing format. We’re happy in the end that everyone can enjoy themselves and make up their own mind about the new experience Nintendo 3DS is supposed to deliver.

When I saw the screen in action, I was absolutely blown away. I can’t believe how well it works. Are you seeing generally the same reaction from others?

Laurent Fischer: Yeah. I think everyone is pretty much aware of the latest improvements and evolutions from a technological point of view with regards to 3D. I think what 3DS achieves is something that’ very easy to handle. It’s a handheld, and so kyou can really easily adjust how you handle the screen itself.

We also have something that I believe is very important; we have this opportunity as a player to adjust the strength of the 3D effect. It means everyone can find out how to combine handling the screen and the 3D effect. Once you find the combination, then you have true enjoyment of the graphics ability of the console, and you can feel the 3D and get a sense of a new feature developers will be able to get behind.

I guess the developers themselves already see the potential, and they’re very supportive to us, which I believe is the greatest news among all the positive things, that all the major publishers are getting behind the Nintendo 3DS with their teams and their best franchises.

We have very rich experiences for any kind of gamer. Whatever kind of game you love, we’re confident that the publisher will be behind us, and they’re very supportive of the platform itself. That’s very important to us.

It wasn’t just 3DS, obviously. There was an awful lot of service to Wii in there, and an awful lot of fan service. Some big franchises coming back, such as GoldenEye and Kirby, and you got an amazing reaction from the crowd. How important is it for you now to ensure Wii has a continued lifespan? How important is it for you to not release a new machine at this point?

Laurent Fischer: Wii’s been on the market since 2006. We’ve made a lot of steps within the Wii lifecycle. From the motion point of view, we’ve enhanced the consumer experience. Since the setting of a base with the Wii Sports experience, we moved in a new direction with the Balance Board and the Wii Fit experience. The next steps were with Wii MotionPlus and the Wii Sports Resorts experience. Wii is a living platform. It’s always going further and better, to a certain extent.

What we have as a platform holder, as a key challenge on the Wii side, is that we have to surprise the consumer. I think the key point is that we have opportunities to have a lot of different kinds of entertainment. At the end of the day, this is the Nintendo philosophy. As long as you can surprise people and give them new experiences and, ultimately, fun, they will come to your platform and purchase your software.

In recent years we’ve convinced more and more people to come on board. The key drivers for that were the Wii Sports experience on one side and the Wii Fit experience on the other side, but it’s also important to bear in mind that we also had a lot of people come in through the Mario Kart experience, or last year, the big seller, New Super Mario Brox. Wii.

These are “bridge games,” which are very important. We put together the people that play a lot, for a long time, and the people that have just started to play. As long as we’re able to follow that path, we’ll still make the people that we know are looking forward to our software – the Nintendo fans, and the avid gamers – look for the new experiences we provide them.

What I think it quite interesting is that Metroid: Other M is an instance where we have a new insight on a well established franchise, and I think the challenge from the development team has been really achieved in an amazing way. On the other side, we can also follow up on the same path as we have done with Super Mario Bros. Wii. – we have Donkey Kong coming back. It’s the pure essence of the platform, and the way we handle it, from my point of view, will be able to put together all these different types of people, regardless of skill, or whether or not they’re veteran players. Everyone together, one proposal: to have fun.

Obviously, this is the “motion year” for Sony and Microsoft. Reggie was very vocal when Sony announced Move at GDC, saying Nintendo would be embarrassed to be following in this way. How do you feel about Sony and Microsoft releasing motion controllers this year?

Laurent Fischer: I think at the end of the day, we know that motion control has been an innovative proposal, and we kicked off the process in 2006. It’s an ongoing process for us. Our priority is always to say, ‘OK, we have started. We have moved it forward with new proposals such as Wii Fit and Wii Sports Resort and Wii MotionPlus.’

And we are still doing that exercise, and we’re still moving forward and finding other ways to use the technology that we’ve developed and embedded into the console itself. For example, today’s proposal, in terms of how we can further use the motion control and the Wii MotionPlus experience, is definitely something we’re doing with the Zelda franchise. To me, from the Zelda player point of view, it’s really a dream coming true. Last year, Mr Miyamoto suggested that we were going to have a real sword and being able to use the sword in the same control process that we have on Wii Sports Resort, and now that’s been turned into reality it’s amazing how it’s changed the gameplay experience.

Again, the people that have this Zelda love will discover a new way to play, and it will be a fresh new experience. Also, I believe that people who have no clue as to what Zelda is from a franchise point of view will come to it and say, “OK, I love to fight, I love to think, I love to laugh,” and they will fully enjoy the experience. That’s the refocus we have.

Are we going to see any price-cutting from Nintendo this year? You’re probably going to be under pressure, particularly towards the end of the year, when inevitably Sony and Microsoft do push down a bit further. Are you feeling pressure to get a bit cheaper now or are you comfortable where you are?

Laurent Fischer: Actually, we now have a very good proposal for the consumer. The consumer gets the Wii hardware alongside Wii Sports Resort and the Wii MotionPlus experience embedded, so that’s a fairly strong proposal from our point of view.

As a matter of fact, it’s an ongoing trend on price activity from the very beginning from our competitors, and we have not moved so much on their moves. Again, if we’re able to provide the right experience at the right price for the consumer, the value for money that we have is the one that will convince the consumer. I think everything is a matter of being able to provide this software proposal, this fun proposal. That’s the core proposal we have to do.

As a matter of fact, whether we’re talking about the handheld side or the console side, we’ve been, from the very beginning, always trying to have the best market price. So, they had to change their price, of course, as they started at a very high point, but that’s not our case. The starting point is something that differs very much, and put us in a different situation.

When do you think we’ll see the 3DS price announced, and can you give us an indication of how much it will cost?

Laurent Fischer: It’s too early to say anything about it. The only thing we can confirm is that we plan to have the console ready to launch in this fiscal year. That’s where we are.


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  1. Robo_1

    Nice interview.

    As somebody who presumably saw both Sony’s and Nintendo’s 3D presentations, how would you say the two experiences stack up?

    Does the 3DS pretty much recreate what Sony need glasses for, or is there a noticeable advantage to using the glasses… or saying that, does the quality of the 3DS effect actually exceed that of Sony’s offering?

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Patrick Garratt

    @1 – The 3DS 3D effect is the same as if you were wearing glasses. Honestly, it’s amazing. I couldn’t believe how well it worked. It’s like looking “into” the screen. You know those Magic Eye pictures? It’s a bit like that.

    It’s hard to compare PS3 and 3DS 3D, because PS3 3D happens on an HD TV. I saw Killzone 3 demoed in 3D in Holland, and the effect’s fantastic. It really adds to the game.

    Seeing Ocarina on 3DS was just incredible, but it’s a different “experience,” I guess.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Robo_1

    Cheers for that. :)

    Sounds as though the big N really have cracked getting the effect to look right then, as from what you’re saying there’s certainly no gulf in quality between the glasses and glasses free effect.

    All being well, we’ll see this type of tech migrate to 3D TV’s within the next few years.

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Erthazus

    It’s not Nintendo who cracked the technology, it’s Sharp who did it and Nintendo use Sharps screens to do that magic trick with your eyes.

    the magic is behind a small screen. Thats it. Thats not a big revolution here and still if you are not looking in to it or looking from left or right direction, the 3D image is bad or just gimmick, so thats another problem.

    HDTV screens are big and thats why you need glasses, because without them your eyes are not capable of rendering 3D image. There are already technologies that use 3D image without glasses, but it’s a power consumption and require a lot of resources.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. StolenGlory

    My life will remain incomplete until I own one of these.

    #5 5 years ago
  6. Gheritt White

    @ 4: What difference does it make who made the screen? Nintendo will be the first videogames hardware manufacturer to bring glasses-free 3D tech to the market – on a portable device with a stellar launch line-up, no less. In that way, the Big N most certainly have one up on MS and Sony.

    Also, *you* say the “the 3D image is bad or just gimmick”, whereas Pat – who has actually played with the device first-hand – says it’s “amazing”.

    Professional journalist’s hands-on experience versus random internet guy’s baseless opinion? I know which source I’m more likely to believe.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. DrDamn

    There are plus points and drawbacks to all 3D tech currently. The 3DS screen tech is well suited to a handheld but doesn’t scale well to a larger screen. You need to keep your self and the screen well placed to see the effect, but when in that sweet spot it’s good. It has a very narrow field of view it works in and a set distance. It would be interesting to see how well it works on a train or bus for example – or if it can be used well in conjunction with the accelerometer in the machine.

    #7 5 years ago
  8. Erthazus

    “What difference does it make who makes the screen?”

    Difference is between support, price and upgrading your device with the latest 3D screens is going to be a problem for Nintendo. I’m still interested with the price they will have for this handheld and Investors don’t want to lose on hardware.
    3D screens from Sharp are very expensive, but Nintendo’s hardware is very cheap. So it’s going to be interesting.

    “Also, *you* say the “the 3D image is bad or just gimmick”, whereas Pat – who has actually played with the device first-hand – says it’s “amazing”.”

    I have at home 3D Nvidia 3D vision for about a year and i know about 3D stuff a lot and i know from proffessional journalists (not gaming) but who work on tech magazines or sites and they tested Sharps screens and they say that image is in 3D but when you watch from left or right direction it’s not a good 3D image.
    “I which source I’m more likely to believe.”

    you don’t have to, i’m not a journalist. It’s an opinion.
    But you are just an ordinary guy that can be bought by simple marketing campaign and i’m 100% sure that 3D is not going to surpass what i saw from Batman:Arkham Asylum in 3D or especially METRO 2033.

    #8 5 years ago
  9. Robo_1


    Yeah that’s quite right. The tech needs to be robust enough to be useful outside of the confines of a demo pod.

    I certainly still think the whole 3D tech is still in it’s infancy, and a more robust and standard solution can’t be many years off.

    #9 5 years ago
  10. Patrick Garratt

    Seriously, I’m not lying. The 3DS effect is properly knock-out. I nearly dropped the console when I watched Ocarina on it. The guy holding it laughed at me, ’cause I was properly, “What the fuck?” I didn’t think it’d be possible.

    #10 5 years ago
  11. Erthazus

    @10 I believe you, but i’m really, REALLY skeptical about 3D on the 3DS. I’m buying it because of line-up they already have… Lineup is fantastic.

    but 3D? I remember they said that there is a Depth Slider to regulate 3D on handheld. Thats like saying that there is 3D, bu-u-u-t it’ not that awesome. With Nvidia 3D vision you can regulate manually, but it’s so gimmick after that. Basically if you can regulate 3D image, then developer can render only 1 or few objects in 3D. After 1-2 years it’s not going to be awesome.

    well, i hope 3DS will be at Gamescom… I need to try it.

    #11 5 years ago
  12. mington

    the first thing i’ll do with a 3ds is take a 3d picture of my erect penis

    #12 5 years ago
  13. Erthazus

    @12 LOL!!!

    #13 5 years ago
  14. mington

    and show it to my gran

    #14 5 years ago
  15. DrDamn

    The inclusion of the 3D camera – even if it only vaguely works – is genius. Kids will have a load of fun messing about with that alone.

    #15 5 years ago
  16. JonFE


    “I remember they said that there is a Depth Slider to regulate 3D on handheld. Thats like saying that there is 3D, bu-u-u-t it’ not that awesome.”

    No. Actually, it’s like saying “there is 3d and you can adjust it to the level that *you* feel comfortable with.”.

    Different strokes for different folks and all that…

    #16 5 years ago
  17. Gadzooks!


    Does the 3DS 3D effect go ‘into’ the screen, kinda like a perspective-tracked 3D or does it pop out like cinema 3D?

    From what you saw of Ocarina, was it using a bunch of parralax planes or was there smooth transition from foreground to background, say if you were stood next to a wall that went into the distance?

    Either way I’m rapidly becoming sold on the 3DS. Just need a sensible price to be announced!

    #17 5 years ago
  18. Erthazus

    @16 “you can adjust it to the level that *you* feel comfortable with.”. ”

    Thats the question. I don’t understand what that slider do. If it makes 3D bigger or smaller then it’s a FAIL, but if it is making image less 3D or more 3D then i need to see it.

    Gamescom… Gamescom.

    #18 5 years ago
  19. Cee

    @ 12
    “it’s” big enough to fill the bottom 3.02 inch screen then, ming?

    #19 5 years ago
  20. mington

    you better believe it partner

    i love how i’ve derailed this comment thread in to a conversation about my genitalia

    but to be fair, my penis does get more playtime then my DS

    #20 5 years ago
  21. JonFE


    I haven’t seen it myself, but I’d assume that it makes the image more 3D to less 3D (or most 3D to none 3D, if you prefer).

    I really don’t understand what you mean by “if it makes 3D bigger or smaller”, though… Are you talking about the size of the screen?

    #21 5 years ago
  22. DrDamn

    I’m sure I’ve read somewhere that it does in and out – ooerrr. Probably the EG hands on. No reason why it can’t do both though.

    #22 5 years ago
  23. DrDamn

    From EG – “The 3D image has perhaps a little less background depth than the current cutting edge of stereoscopic 3D, but the beauty of 3DS is that the effect is greatly enhanced by the simple fact that you’re holding it. Objects in the foreground, suspended between your hands, assume a reality they wouldn’t projected on the far side of the room. You feel as though you can touch them.”

    Whether stuff ends up looking planar is another matter. If TVs are anything to go by it depends a lot on the scene. To give a scene real depth it needs a good composition (similar to a 2D picture). A good transition and variety from foreground, middle and background. That’s why games like FPS and racers tend to look better as there is naturally a good mix of depth in the scene.

    #23 5 years ago

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    Erron Black, the gunslinger which was outed for Mortal Kombat X in the achievements listing last week, was featured in the latest livestream from NetherRelam Studios yesterday evening. Along with gameplay, fatalities and variations for Black, the developer also provided a look at gameplay for: Ermac vs Mileena; Ermac’s brutality and fatality moves; Lui Kang […]

  • The Legend of Zelda Wii U: 2015 release not a “priority”, skipping E3

    The Legend of Zelda franchise producer Eiji Aonuma is featured in the latest video update on the status of The Legend of Zelda for Wii U, stating a 2015 release is no longer a “number one priority” for the team. While Aonuma never specifically says the game has been delayed into 2016, the announcement confirms […]

  • Destiny gameplay designer exits for Bethesda

    Destiny’s senior gameplay designer Josh Hamrick announced on Twitter overnight he would be leaving the company in a week’s time for Bethesda. Hamrick joined Bungie in 2009 after working two years at Midway Austin, where he created multiplayer maps, modified single-player levels, and other designer functions. He was in charge of fixing bug in code […]

  • What to expect from the Call of Duty Championship this weekend

    Just settling down to the Call of Duty Championship this weekend? Here’s a rundown of today’s matches and what else to expect over the next three days. The Call of Duty Championship is taking place in LA this weekend until Sunday, with 32 four-player teams battling it out for a prize pot of $1 million. […]

  • MLB 15 The Show video highlights improved graphics, updated grass patterns

    Sony has released a video for MLB 15 The Show which provides a look at graphical improvements made to the game. Along with the visual upgrade over MLB 14 The Show, the game contains new minor league stadiums, dynamic sun generated in real-time, and upgraded grass patterns which reflect each stadium’s unique look. MLB 15 […]

  • Valve to offer HTC Vive Developer Edition free to qualified developers

    Valve has said it will offer the HTC Vive Developer Edition for free to qualified developers in an effort to buoy projects before the tech launches commercially. Surgeon Simulator developer Bossa Studios and The Room studio Fireproof Games are just some of the developers which already have a free Vive in-hand. According to Valve’s Doug […]

  • DriveClub gameplay video features MotorStorm’s off-road buggies

    Some gameplay footage of MotorStorm’s off-road buggies in DriveClub has surfaced. Pictures of the buggies were shown on the Japanese PlayStation Blog earlier this month, which considering the game was developed by Evolution Studios – which developed MotorStorm – this isn’t too much of a surprise. The buggies were first spotted by Videogamer, which pulled […]

  • Mortal Kombat X live-action TV spot features the track Chop Suey

    The TV sport for Mortal Kombat X has been released, and not only does it contain a “spontaneous fight circle” taking over an entire city, but it features the System of a Down track Chop Suey. Mortal Kombat X will be released on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One April 14. The […]

  • Bloodborne Forbidden Woods progression bug caused by multiplayer summon

    A progression bug in Bloodborne is in the works, according to Sony and From Software. The issue occurs when players activate a multiplayer session in the Forbidden Woods using the Sinister Resonant Bell or Small Resonant Bell. It also appears the Lunarium Key won’t appear because of the multiplayer bug, and without the key you […]

  • Yo-Kai Watch game franchise has sold over 7 million copies

    The Yo-Kai Watch IP has sold over 7 million copies, according to developer Level-5. The figure included both physical and digital download sales. Yo-Kai Watch 3 will be unveiled during Level-5 Vision 2015 next month. The first title is in the works for the west but is still without a release window. Thanks, Gematsu.

  • Bloodborne trademark returned to Sony after accidentally losing it

    In case you were worried or anything, Sony has once again obtained the Bloodborne trademark. Earlier this week it was revealed that Sony mistakenly abandoned the Bloodborne trademark along with four others registered with US Patent and Trademark Office: Guns Up!, Kill Strain; How Games Were Made to Sound, and No Heroes Allows: No Puzzles […]

  • GTA 5 PC official trailer coming next week, 15 new screenshots released

    New PC screenshots of GTA 5 have been released along with word of a new trailer coming on Monday. The screens below are from the PC version and you can view them in 4K glory over on Rockstar Newswire. The PC version of GTA 5 releases on April 14.

  • PSN real-time server status page launching in Europe soon

    PlayStation users in Europe will soon have its own a PSN Service Status Indicator. It was released earlier this month in North America. The indicator makes it easier to check whether PlayStation services are down or running as planned. This includes account management, PlayStation Now, the store, social services, etc. Sony told Eurogamer the service […]

  • Exclusivity contract prevents Bioware from revealing Dragon Age: Inquisition DLC release on PS4

    Bioware is unable to discuss when the Jaws of Hakkon DLC for Dragon Age: Inquisition will arrive on platforms other than PC and Xbox One. According to various tweets from executive producer Mark Darrah, due to the exclusivity contract between EA and Microsoft, the studio is unable to announce a release date for PlayStation 3 […]

  • LEGO Batman 3 demo, Namco Museum, more added to North American eShop

    Nintendo has updated the North American end of the eShop with a demo for LEGO Batman 3, Namco Museum on Wii U Virtual Console, and various sales. Below is the full update. Nintendo eShop Dot Arcade – Wii U LEGO Ninjago – 3Ds LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Demo – Wii U Harvest Moon: The […]

  • Square Enix’s Easter Surprise bundle contains five mystery PC games

    Square Enix offering another mystery bundle to customers in the UK, which comes with five mystery PC games for £3.99. As before, customers will be unaware of the games they are purchasing in the mystery bundle, but the bundle contains triple-A titles worth £40 combined. One of Square’s previous mystery bundles contained Tomb Raider, Just […]

  • From Software’s PSone game Shadow Tower coming to PSN

    Shadow Tower, the first-person action-RPG developed for the original PlayStation by From Software, will be released on PlayStation Network. In the 1998 title, players took on the role of a mercenary who has returned home to the Holy Land of Zeptar to find the place has been sucked into the Underworld. He must use the […]

  • PlayStation TV gets price cut in the UK, now £44.99

    PlayStation TV has received a price cut in the UK. After several retailers started offering the console for less than the RRP of £84.99, users on DealSpwn began to wonder whether this is an official price cut, and not just regular deals or stock clearance. Sony later confirmed the new price of £44.99. “Starting from […]

  • Fast & Furious expansion for Forza Horizon 2 is now available, for free

    You can download Forza Horizon 2 expansion Fast & Furious starting right now. Forza Horizon 2 Presents Fast & Furious is available to download now through Xbox Live for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The expansion is standalone, so you don’t need to own Forza Horizon 2 to play it. It’s also free from now […]

  • Fire-based weapons come to PayDay 2 with the Butcher’s BBQ Pack

    The 20th DLC for PayDay 2, the Butcher’s BBQ Pack, is now available on Steam. The DLC will run you $4.99/€4.99 and features: Piglet Grenade Launcher, 12G Steakout Shotgun and Mk1 Flamethrower Molotov cocktails and incendiary ammo Four new masks, patterns, materials and achievements The Butcher’s BBQ Pack is another co-development between Overkill and Croatian […]

  • Lords of the Fallen developer offers Hideo Kojima a job

    Amid the current turmoil between Hideo Kojima and publisher Konami, one studio has offered the legendary designer a position. Lords of the Fallen developer Deck 13 took to Twitter to extend a job offer to Hideo Kojima. Dear Mr. @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN In case you are currently searching, we have an open position as Head of Game […]

  • Destiny Xur update: should you buy MIDA Multi Tool?

    The question on every Destiny player’s lips today. And the answer, supplied by resident Destiny expert Paul Davies, is… Yes! We asked Paul whether or not he thought Xur’s Exotic weapon this week was worth the 23 Strange Coins. Here’s what he said: “It was already a great gun to own for PVP owing to […]

  • Final Fantasy 15 has an all-male cast to make it “more approachable”

    According to Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata, the main cast of the game is all-male because it makes the game “more approachable.” Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata spoke to Gamespot about the reason for his choice of making the core cast an all-male affair. “Speaking honestly, an all-male party feels almost more approachable […]

  • Hearthstone Blackrock Mountain is coming April 2

    Blizzard has given Hearthstone expansion Blackrock Mountain a solid release date. Hearthstone’s Blackrock Mountain adventure pack will be released April 2 in the Americas region, and April 3 in Europe, Korea, Taiwan, and China. Blackrock Depths is the first wing to be released, others will follow one week apart. Other than the 31 new cards, […]

  • Bloodborne: if you can’t load your save after installing firmware 2.50, this will help

    If you’re having issues loading your Bloodborne save after applying firmware update 2.50 to your PS4, this should help you out. Reddit user KBALLZZ encountered an issue after installing update 2.50 on his PlayStation 4. Bloodborne started reinstalling the day one patch again and when it was done he couldn’t continue his game or load […]

  • Use this code to get 10% off on PSN purchases

    Sony is offering a 10% discount coupon to anyone looking to buy games on PlayStation Store this weekend. Sony’s latest discount coupon code is here. You’ll receive 10% off your cart total when buying from the PSN Store. The offer is not valid on purchases made on PS Vita, PlayStation TV, PSP, or in-game stores. […]

  • Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin upgrade path announced, system specs revealed

    Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin will offer returning customers a chance to upgrade at a discounted price. Those who already own Dark Souls 2 on Steam and are interested in picking up the Scholar of the First Sin edition will be happy to know that publisher Bandai Namco is offering them an […]

  • Bloodborne: this is what happens when you have 40 Insight

    Insight is one of the currencies in Bloodborne, but it’s also a mechanic that affects the gameplay. There are MASSIVE SPOILERS below, so turn back now or one of Bloodborne’s gameplay mechanics will be SPOILED for you. Just like Blood Echoes in Bloodborne, Insight is used to purchase certain items from vendors in the game. […]

  • Phase two of Xbox One April update brings voice messages, dedicated servers for party chat, more

    The second phase of the April update for Xbox One is now open to members of the Preview programme and and it looks like there are even more features in store. Phase one of Xbox One’s April firmware update started a few days ago with improvements to party chat and achievements notifications. Today, phase two […]

  • GTA 5′s graphical “downgrade” is a bug, will be fixed in upcoming patch

    As of patch 1.8 for GTA 5 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, a few graphical issues have cropped up leading some to believe there has been a stealth downgrade to the game’s overall graphics. Over the past couple of days, Reddit went nuts over a video showing what appears to be a downgrade to […]

  • Destiny: Xur location and inventory for March 27, 28 – MIDA Multi-Tool edition

    Xur: Agent of the Nine has arrived at The Tower in Destiny to rid you of your Strange Coins. Xur: Agent of the Nine has once again made it to Destiny’s Tower to sell you Exotic weapons and gear in exchange for Strange Coins and Motes of Light. For this weekend, Xur can be found […]

  • Destiny vault space upgrade will have enough room for every Exotic

    Destiny is finally getting the vault space upgrade players have been begging for almost since launch week. Destiny players can currently use vault space to store 20 pieces of amour, 20 weapons and 20 general item stacks. In the latest Bungle Weekly Update, the developer revealed that as of patch 1.1.2, due before House of […]

  • Half-Life 2: Update mod applies some sparkle to the original title

    Half-Life 2: Update will be available tomorrow, and thanks to the modding community, those who own the vanilla version of the game can apply a visual update to the 2004 title. The comparison video shows you the differences between the original version, and the version with Half-Life 2: Update applied. Here’s what the mod includes: […]

  • Neverwinter MMO can now be pre-downloaded on Xbox One

    You can now pre-download the free-to-play Neverwinter MMO on Xbox One. The game launches on March 31, but you will still need an Xbox Live Gold account to play it. Based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise, the game can be downloaded from the Xbox Store.

  • Destiny of Spirits will go offline starting next month

    Sony will be ending service for Destiny of Spirits starting next month, Sony has announced. The free-to-play Destiny of Spirits was released in late March 2014 on Vita, and tasked players with collecting supernatural forces appropriate to their geographical location, and then trading them with others online. Gravity Rush spirits were added to the game […]

  • MotoGP 15 is out this spring on PC, last and current-gen consoles

    MotoGP 15 will be released in June on PC, PlayStation 3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Milestone has announced. Bike, rider and team customization are part of the latest release in the franchise, along with time-trials and enhanced career options. The game features over 20 bike models divided into three classes: MotoGP, Moto 2 […]

  • Cities: Skylines players should check out Nakatomi Plaza and Wayne Enterprises

    Nakatomi Plaza and Wayne Enterprises can now be yours in Cities: Skylines. Die Hard fans will be familiar with Nakatomi Plaza. Those who have never watched the first film and live in Los Angeles know it by its real-life name, FOX Plaza. It was created by Enos Shenk and is available through Steamworks. Those who […]

  • Call of Duty franchise has sold 175M copies, players have thrown 300B grenades

    With the Call of Duty Championship kicking off tomorrow, Activision has sent over a series infographic full of interesting figures such as the number of copies sold over 10 years and how many grenades players have tossed. According to the stats below, the Call of Duty franchise has sold 175 million copies across all platforms […]

  • Save up to 75% on select SEGA games on Steam this weekend

    SEGA has put many of its games on sale through Steam this weekend and the firm has also announced Eastside Hockey Manager is now available through Early Access. The sale runs through March 30. The entire Total War, Company of Heroes and Dawn of War back catalogs are discounted 75% and all associated DLC is […]

  • Batman: Arkham Knight PC confirmed as digital download-only in UK

    Batman: Arkham Knight will indeed be a download-only title on PC in the UK, Warner Bros. has confirmed to VG247. Batman: Arkham Knight will be available as both a physical and digital release for PS4, Xbox One and PC in North America and Europe. Again, in the UK, the PC version will be “available as […]

  • Rainbow Six Siege release date set for October per GameStop Italy – report

    GameStop Italy may have let the release date for Rainbow Six Siege slip if a recent listing is accurate. According to the listing, the game will release on October 16. While this could be a placeholder date, October 16 is a Friday in the UK, the usual day new releases land at retail. The release […]

  • Watch the $1 million Call of Duty Championship right here

    The The Call of Duty Championship takes place this weekend, and you can watch all the action as it unfolds right here. The event takes place in Los Angeles tomorrow March 27 and runs through March 29, and the livestreams are below. 32 teams from five continents and 11 countries will be competing in Call […]

  • Battlefield Hardline: Battlefest kicks off this weekend with Double XP

    A new season of Battlefest kicks off this weekend, and starting today, you will earn Double XP in Battlefield Hardline. Battlefest for Hardline is similar to the event held for Battlefield 4 last year. For the entire month of April and into May, in-game events and competitions will be held by the developers and player […]

  • Don’t forget: the GTA 5 PC pre-order bonus cutoff is March 31

    Just a friendly reminder to those planning on purchasing GTA 5 for PC: you have until March 31 to pre-order if you want all the bonuses on offer. Those who pre-order will be handed $1 million in-game cash plus a bonus $300,000. It is split between GTA 5 and GTA Online: $500,000 for Grand Theft […]

  • Games with Gold offers doubled for April – six games instead of three

    Microsoft’s April Games with Gold collection is being doubled. For the month Xbox Live Gold members will receive six instead of three games free. Here’s what’s on offer: Pool Nation FX: Available all month on Xbox One Child of Light: Available all month on Xbox One Gears of War: Judgment: Available from April 1-15 on […]

  • Pokemon players can grab a code for Shiny Charizard at GAME in April

    Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire players along with Pokemon X and Y owners can grab a free, rare Shiny Charizard from April 3 at one of GAME’s 320 stores in the UK. The redeemable codes for the character will be made available upon request and no purchase is necessary. Those who pop into one […]

  • F1 2015 will arrive on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in June, includes Mexico circuit

    Codemasters has announced its F1 franchise will make its series debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this June with the release of F1 2015. The game was developed using a new engine and contains improved handling and physics for all vehicles and parts attached. This includes: engine, transmission, aerodynamics, fuel tank, force feedback, suspension […]

  • Mortal Kombat X video confirms Liu Kang as playable character

    Liu Kang has been confirmed as a playable character in Mortal Kombat X in the latest video. You’ll also notice Bo’ Rai Cho in there as well. In the Shaolin trailer above you also get a look at Kung Lao and Kung Jin who is new to the series. Apparently, Raiden’s past champions of the […]

  • Short teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront shows the Battle of Hoth

    A short teaser for Star Wars: Battlefront has been posted by EA on Twitter. Well, that speeder isn't going anywhere. Can someone give us a lift to @SW_Celebration #SWCA — EAStarWars (@EAStarWars) March 25, 2015 The teaser shows vehicles which we could be using in the game, but it mainly shows the snowy landscape […]

  • Pillars of Eternity releases today – get all the review scores here

    Pillars of Eternity, which still stands as the second most-funded video game on Kickstarter, finally releases today. It’s also getting some rather positive reviews scores, which we’ve rounded up for you. The isometric, party-based RPG from Obsidian Entertainment was one of the first video game projects to take to Kickstarter, and hit its $1.1 million […]

  • Take an in-depth look at Evolve’s Behemoth monster and four new hunters

    Evolve’s fourth monster, the Behemoth, as well as the four new hunters are shown off in new gameplay video. Evolve’s latest gameplay trailer gives everyone a good look at each of the four new hunters and the massive Behemoth monster. The hunters can be bought either separately or though the hunting pass, while the monster […]

  • PS4 firmware update 2.50 causing issues with Killzone: Shadow Fall

    The suspend/resume feature in PlayStation 4′s 2.50 firmware update is causing some issues with Killzone: Shadow Fall. Killzone: Shadow Fall developer Guerrilla has said that the game is experiencing some issues in some instance where the suspend/resume feature is used. The timing of when players put the game in suspend mode does have an effect, […]