Fischer: Nintendo not under pressure to offer Wii price cut

Tuesday, 22nd June 2010 12:05 GMT By Joe Anderson


Speaking to VG247 at E3, Nintendo Europe marketing boss Laurent Fischer has said the firm won’t bow to pressure to cut Wii’s price this year.

Asked if we’d see any price-cutting from Nintendo in 2010, based on expected cuts from Sony and Microsoft, Fischer replied:

“Actually, we now have a very good proposal for the consumer… It’s an ongoing trend on price activity from the very beginning from our competitors, and we have not moved so much on their moves.”

The marketing head said the aim with this round of Nintendo hardware has always been to remain cheapest.

“Whether we’re talking about the handheld side or the console side, we’ve been, from the very beginning, always trying to have the best market price.

“[Sony and Microsoft] had to change their price, of course, as they started at a very high point, but that’s not our case. The starting point is something that differs very much, and put us in a different situation.”

Nintendo’s last Wii price cut took place in September ’09. Since then, the company has been happy to continue at the current price point; and now we know why.

You can read all of out Nintendo conference coverage from E3 here.



  1. itwa5me

    I love how nintendo thinks that just because a bunch of trendy idiots had nothing better to buy one week besides a WII that they’re actually doing well financially.

    The WII was TRENDY, I don’t know how many people bought one and not a single game.

    I’d go so far to say that most people that bought it have bought less then 2 games.

    So again the idea is that you sell a product that people will keep comming back to give you more money.

    If the Wii cost nintendo money like it did sony, I bet you they would be near bankrupt.

    The problem isnt getting more Wii’s in peple homes its problem is trying to snatch the market of people that actually buy games (ps3-xbox), the only way to do that is with stellar games.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Madlink

    @ itwa5me

    Plenty of Wii owners buy games. Maybe not as high a percentage of Xbox 360 / PS3 owners, but there are way more Wiis out there. Most of the best selling Wii games are also published by Nintendo. Even Nintendo’s latest offering Super Mario Galaxy 2 has sold well over 1 million copies already.

    “So again the idea is that you sell a product that people will keep comming back to give you more money”

    I think that’s exactly what Nintendo is doing.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Spaced Oddity

    Wii is the perfect console for those who never had the pleasure of enjoying a Nintendo console, and those who have families. Most certainly isn’t a console for the core gamer. We may view it as trendy or a gimmick, but the gimmick consistently sells, as Steve Ballmer would say, gangbusters.

    I can understand they feel no pressure to drop the price; they’re still selling! Perhaps not as much as initially, as they’ve already passed the peak, but continues to outsell the competition. They shouldn’t feel a need to drop the price until it drops around the sales of the HD consoles.

    #3 5 years ago

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