Rare: No lag issues with Kinect

Friday, 18 June 2010 11:29 GMT By Joe Anderson


Rare has said lag is no longer an issue for Microsoft’s motion technology, which is now known as Kinect.

Speaking to Eurogamer in LA this week, Nick Burton, executive producer of technology and communications for Rare, said that these issues have now been overcome.

“Lag is not an issue, as with any prototype stuff, of course it was in the past. That’s to be expected.

“Where we’re at now, not at all. Yes, we’ve done a lot work to make sure it wasn’t a problem, but when you’ve got something that’s copying what you’re doing you can’t have a lot of lag.”

It had been pointed out by the same person earlier in the week that the lag for Kinect Sports was actually set at 150 ms, which incidentally does not include TV lag.

It seems however, according to Rare anyway that this will not cause an issue.