E3 2010 – Nintendo press conference live!

Tuesday, 15th June 2010 12:00 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Have you got a shelter built? Have you dug a hole? Because today is serious, son.

Nintendo’s up first today after Microsoft’s E3 showing last night, with Sony to follow soon afterwards. But undoubtedly, this is the most important conference in this year’s show, as well as one of the most important within the past five years.

How so? Two very specific reasons.

One – 3DS: We finally get to see what the handheld looks like later today after months of speculation, and is the first big hardware reveal out of the big three since E3 2005, as well as Nintendo’s first massive hardware reveal since 2004 with the original DS.

Nintendo’s promise of 3D gaming without glasses does sound like a pipe dream, but there is potential for it nonetheless. EA CEO John Riccitello has already said he thinks the tech is “cool”. You can not get a bigger thumbs up than that.

We may even hear confirmation of the previously rumoured release date of October, as well as the possible first sightings of Animal Crossing 3DS and Level 5′s Time Travelers, which seems like it will support the console, according to past hints.

Two – Zelda: Twilight Princess was all well and good for appearing on Wii, but it was just a port of the GameCube version. Today will bring the first showing of a brand new, and true, Zelda Wii title.

What do we know so far of it? Other than the piece of art shown by Shigeru Miyamoto last year and that it’s a WiiMotionPlus exclusive, absolutely nothing. Unofficially? There might be this.

Hopefully we’ll get confirmation of a release this year as well. Be sure to produce something like this for a crowd reaction anyways, Nintendo.

There’s also a whole lot more that we don’t know about so far, but those are the big two. Whatever you do, keeps those eyes glued to the screen just for those two things.

Pat and Nathan will be there for us with a liveblog, naturally. Needless to say, you won’t miss a beat with us. It all begins at 9am PST/5pm BST/6pm CET.



  1. Tallon 4

    I’ll be wetting my pants. This is gonna rock!

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Erthazus

    I hope it will be decent… Not like Microsoft’s and Ubisoft’s disaster.

    EA was shockingly had very good presentation. Games for everyone without stupid jokes and stupid shit stuff.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Moonwalker1982

    Expecting Zelda of course and very curious about that 3DS. Aside from that i don’t think much surprises will come.

    #3 5 years ago
  4. daytripper

    @2 agreed. I read the reaction across forums, ignorning the fanboy garbage there is a lot of dissapointment from xbox players about their conference and a lot of negative reactions from articles on various websites, they had no games for 2011 apart from gears and crytek project, thats pretty weak. I suspect one of the main reasons gamers watch these things is for stuff coming in the next year or so – microsoft failed to deliver imo.

    looking forward to nintendo and sonys stuff

    #4 5 years ago
  5. Blerk

    Genuinely interested to see the 3DS. For the existing platforms it’s all about the Zelda. The success or not of the conference for me will be directly related to that.

    #5 5 years ago
  6. 2plus2equals5

    “But undoubtedly, this is the most important conference in this year’s show”.
    I really don’t think so, the interest for 3ds is really huge and justified, but i don’ t think that this conference is the most important of the last years.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. Freek

    Crap, have to work late tonight. Maybe i’ll keep half an eye on this live blog.

    #7 5 years ago
  8. cookiejar

    I haven’t been interested in a Nintendo show in years, and haven’t bought a Ninty device in years either. This should be good.

    #8 5 years ago
  9. AHA-Lambda

    @8 – agreed and yet this will probly be better than MS’

    “But undoubtedly, this is the most important conference in this year’s show, as well as one of the most important within the past five years.”

    3DS? Yes I agree
    Zelda? No

    #9 5 years ago
  10. cookiejar

    @9 EA’s was better than Microsoft’s with just the first game! :D

    #10 5 years ago
  11. lindblum_resident

    “But undoubtedly, this is the most important conference in this year’s show, as well as one of the most important within the past five years.”

    Hardly, if you ask me. Yes, there is excitement for the things you mention but it’s nowhere near the most important press conference of the past five years. In my opinion, of course.

    #11 5 years ago
  12. Bulk Slash

    Let’s face, Nintendo’s show is probably going to be crap, it was last year and the year before.

    Sure we’ll get 3DS and hopefully the new Zelda, but we’ll then probably have to sit through embarrassing scenes of people jumping around pretending to have fun playing casual shit.

    I think Microsoft’s conference actually started off really well with MGS Rising and Gears 3. It only went off the rails when they rolled out the Kinect stuff. I was shocked that all they had to end on was the re-designed console, no surprise game announcements or anything. So overall it was a letdown, and I expect Nintendo to be similar.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. Filofax

    I’m in the same boat as Blerk regarding Nintendo’s conference, 3DS could be cool but that depends on price.

    #13 5 years ago
  14. exite

    Wondering how long Nintendo will recycle Mario and Zelda. Don’t get me wrong ! I loved the games on NES, SNES and N64, but after nearly 30 years ,i just can’t hear the name mario anymore.

    instead of making new games, they’re coming up with this casual trash. yeah great :(
    nintendo is digging its own grave and we’re the witnesses. casual games are the most unpredictable customers. for most of them gaming is something like a trend. they don’t know vg247. they read reviews at amazon,… . they’re not “loyal” to videogames.

    sidenote: Nintendo is getting way to sexist! Wiifit just an example. Don’t got a problem with that, but here in Europe their ads and commercials are primarily targeted at females . males are portrayed in a bad and idiotic way. women always win, men and boys are too dumb for wiifit ,women and girls get special prices and challenges.

    If i would be a young boy today, i definitely wouldn’t buy a nintendo console today.

    Nintendo forget where they came from and who made them.

    #14 5 years ago
  15. dirigiblebill

    OK, seriously now. Can people start putting the fucking starting times in GMT?

    EDIT: Oh wait. BST = British Standard Time, right? When did that happen?

    #15 5 years ago
  16. mington

    ‘British summer time’ actually, i found out the other day. apparently there’s no such thing as British Standard Time :/

    just check the count downs innit:

    5pm ALBION TIME innit

    @15 everytime i look at your name i think it says dingleberry :D

    #16 5 years ago
  17. spiderLAW

    The day they Make a Zelda with Uncharted 2 and Crysis level of graphics is the day i will die from over working my heart with pure excitement. The same would go for a Mario Galaxy type Mario game in the same level of graphics. Of course if the addictive gameplay is still intact and there is a good story for Zelda (Mario games dont have stories really).

    #17 5 years ago
  18. mington

    SONY 8pm proper fucking London town time

    #18 5 years ago
  19. varsas

    @Bulk Slash: IIRC last year wasn’t very good from Nintendo but they had a strong show the previous year.

    @exite: “If i would be a young boy today, i definitely wouldn’t buy a nintendo console today.

    Nintendo forget where they came from and who made them.”

    Nintendo haven’t forgotten and that’s why we have new Mario and Zelda games that still appeal to young boys. What do other developers have on offer that are of better quality and age appropriate?

    I think it’s you who has forgotten where they came from and what made them. Your tastes have changed from when you were younger and Nintendo haven’t changed with you.

    #19 5 years ago
  20. dirigiblebill



    Awesome. Makes me sound like some sort of leprechaun.

    #20 5 years ago
  21. mington

    @20 :D um, don’t google dingleberry… may get offended

    #21 5 years ago
  22. dirigiblebill

    “n. Vulgar Slang
    1. A piece of dried feces caught in the hair around the anus.
    2. An incompetent, foolish, or stupid person.”


    (3. a jolly good chap, a Prince among men)

    #22 5 years ago
  23. mington

    It begins

    #23 5 years ago
  24. SunKing

    Don’t really care much about Nintendo in terms of their games, but you’ve simply got to pay attention for the fact that they’re trend-setters and that they partly define the agenda for technological developments in the industry.

    #24 5 years ago
  25. exite

    @19 “Nintendo forget where they came from and who made them”

    this wasn’t aimed at Mario or Zelda, but at the casual gaming and their attitude in marketing concerning boys. :P

    trust me i loved super mario bros on the wii, but its just like good movie,that you’ve watched to often. it gets boring ! they shouldn’t rely only on mario, zelda or metroid ! what happened to star fox ? they destroyed it ! rare was bought by microsoft and transformed into a casual gaming studio. hate them for that ! final fantasy left nintendo years ago , cause nintendo didn’t innovate! third party publishers start to avoid the wii because the casual gamers, the target audience of today, don’t want that stuff. the last e3 press conferences showed that nintendo forgot who they are and who made them !

    Today Nintendo is JUST Mario, Zelda, Metroid and Casual Stuff. Thats the Problem! Thats the Forgetting ( bad english) Where’s the Innovation ( please don’t mention the vitality sensor now)? Where are new Franchises ? They won’t bring US anything really new. Where’s Pikmin? That was something new. I want to feel the Nintendo feeling again with something new and not just a game with mario in it in a new environment. How many times do we have to fight Bowser or Ganondorf ?

    Its like Pixar would bring out a “new” movie every year with a different style and better graphics but always the same story and foes.

    But the Press Conference starts now and i’ll watch it. hopefully they changed their mind a bit and show some games. :D

    #25 5 years ago
  26. No_PUDding

    Oooh, Miike Snow – Animal

    #26 5 years ago
  27. No_PUDding

    Pat stand up and sit down multiple times, so we can identify you on the Gamespot stream! Face the back right, that’s where we all are.

    #27 5 years ago
  28. Zarckan

    Am waiting for the vid feed to start…. Grrrr

    #28 5 years ago
  29. Gekidami

    The GT stream has started.

    #29 5 years ago
  30. theevilaires

    OMG shut him up already!

    #30 5 years ago
  31. Gekidami

    Its cel-shaded!

    #31 5 years ago
  32. theevilaires


    #32 5 years ago


    #33 5 years ago

    If it takes that long to explain, it’s rubbish.

    #34 5 years ago
  35. Gekidami

    Wait, are they saying they want us to play Zelda standing up in ‘stance’?

    #35 5 years ago
  36. theevilaires

    LOL yea 1 to 1 bullshit

    #36 5 years ago



    How could they mess this up so bad!?!?

    #37 5 years ago
  38. Gekidami

    Wii cant do 1:1, thats how.

    #38 5 years ago
  39. theevilaires

    there better be an option to use that classic controller dude

    #39 5 years ago
  40. The Hindle

    That looks dumbed down like really dumbed down lol

    #40 5 years ago
  41. spiderLAW

    AAAHHHH!!!!! it looks great!!!!! i want it in a September – October time release date!!!!!!!

    #41 5 years ago
  42. Psychotext

    Shouldn’t use those big screens like that. Adds so much lag.

    That said, the motion detection just aint working.

    #42 5 years ago

    Well, they’ve made sword swinging angle integral to the gameplay, so using a classic controller doesn’t seem a likely option.

    #43 5 years ago

    Myamoto is really bad at gaming anyway.

    Doesn’t seem like a good idea to get him to demo it…

    #44 5 years ago
  45. Robo_1

    It’s all looking a shade clumsy really. Nice to see a new Zelda of course, and i like the new look.

    #45 5 years ago
  46. theevilaires


    #46 5 years ago
  47. theevilaires


    #47 5 years ago
  48. theevilaires

    GARRATT using it LMAO!

    #48 5 years ago

    This is fail.

    They should stop now.

    #49 5 years ago
  50. Wizard

    can we plug a x360 controller on WII?

    #50 5 years ago
  51. theevilaires

    Sony lol you better be learning from this!

    #51 5 years ago
  52. Wizard

    the whip in Zelda Is a Rip from bulletstorm!

    #52 5 years ago
  53. The Hindle

    It looks to me like they have made linear.

    #53 5 years ago
  54. Gekidami

    Reusing old music. :/

    #54 5 years ago
  55. spiderLAW

    2011 SHIT!!!!!!!!

    #55 5 years ago
  56. theevilaires

    Reggie is PISSED! :D :D :D :D

    #56 5 years ago
  57. MushroomStamp

    WOW.. the controls look HORRIBLE.. the aiming sucks.. he has to do things multiple times for them to work. He can’t even select items without it twitching all over.. and lastly .. that INvisible controller that takes up a 1/5th of the screen is UBER annoying.. Fuck this game.

    #57 5 years ago
  58. The Hindle

    yet more Mario fail

    #58 5 years ago
  59. Gekidami

    A Mario sports game collection? Oh please… :/

    #59 5 years ago
  60. The Hindle

    Will sell 20m tho thats the part that sucks

    #60 5 years ago
  61. theevilaires

    UMMMM Mario basketball? NO Thank you!

    #61 5 years ago
  62. MushroomStamp

    Sports mix.. take mediocre game and put their characters in it and people will buy this garbage.

    #62 5 years ago

    Stop with the lies Reggie.

    #63 5 years ago
  64. theevilaires

    Reggie STFU! your games suck! stop trying to justify the Wii.

    He really is scared to even go to this level OMG I see it in his eyes and hear the fear of MOVE in his voice

    #64 5 years ago
  65. Gekidami

    Ok Reggie, have some balls and give us some non-Mario/Wii Sports figures. How about third party games, eh?

    #65 5 years ago

    Good grief…

    #66 5 years ago
  67. justiceblob

    All the fun of Mario Party, without Mario! Games include slowly passing the wii remote and shaking randomly!

    #67 5 years ago
  68. MushroomStamp

    If you have to justify and dispell “rumors”, more than likely there is foundation for the belief. BTW, where did they get these white bread families?

    #68 5 years ago
  69. AHA-Lambda

    reggie just cos you tell us people dont lose interest in wii doesnt make it true ;)

    just dance 2? we’re reaching MS level of bad here people :|

    #69 5 years ago
  70. The Hindle

    I hate you Nintendo you are the biggest sell outs of all time long Live Msoft and Sony!!!!!

    #70 5 years ago
  71. Gekidami

    On to DS games already?

    #71 5 years ago
  72. MushroomStamp

    hmmm.. dance game.. would rather play a dance game with no controllers.. errr.. scratch that.. I would rather poke a fork in my nuts than play a dance game.

    #72 5 years ago


    #73 5 years ago
  74. Gekidami

    GoldenEye, yes we know.

    #74 5 years ago
  75. AHA-Lambda

    ooo goldeneye =/

    #75 5 years ago

    Looks like N64 GoldenEye…

    #76 5 years ago
  77. Gekidami

    It does actually.

    #77 5 years ago
  78. SunKing

    Goldeneye on Wii: who cares? It’s old news.

    #78 5 years ago

    mickey mouse?????????????

    #79 5 years ago
  80. MushroomStamp

    Oh look.. another mediocre shooter with CRAP graphics.. “landmark gaming experience” my ass

    #80 5 years ago
  81. moon

    Had to mute the sound when that just dance 2 shit came on. Assault on the ears ffs

    #81 5 years ago
  82. Gekidami

    Lets see Epic Mickey then. They scrapped and remade this didnt they?

    #82 5 years ago
  83. theevilaires

    I’m so sick of people thinking just because you put the Goldeneye name on a generic FPS its gonna be great. WTF people?

    #83 5 years ago
  84. AHA-Lambda

    warren spector!!! *swoons*

    #84 5 years ago
  85. theevilaires

    Who they hell is in the crowd going yowww! to a damn mickey mouse game? Garratt is that you? :D

    #85 5 years ago
  86. The Hindle

    If this game had hd graphics it would be awesome

    #86 5 years ago
  87. MushroomStamp

    This looks like Zelda in a mouse suit..

    #87 5 years ago
  88. moon

    keep the fucking camera on the fucking game FFS. I don’t care about the fucking stage.

    #88 5 years ago
  89. theevilaires


    #89 5 years ago
  90. MushroomStamp

    Didn’t mario basically do this with a water gun.. No thanks

    #90 5 years ago

    ZZZzzz… ZZZzzz… ZZZzzz…

    #91 5 years ago
  92. zoopdeloop

    Epic Mickey looks really really good for what it is…i wouldn’t count it as a Wii Exclusive as Reggie implied for long enough though :)

    #92 5 years ago
  93. Gekidami

    It dosnt look bad… But still, meh to me atleast.

    #93 5 years ago
  94. The Hindle

    Epic mickey looks cool shame its on the Wii

    #94 5 years ago
  95. Gekidami

    Walt said loads of things. He said “You’re fired” to everyone who wasnt white.

    #95 5 years ago
  96. moon

    Mickey game looks really good but not totally sold on the sunshine-esque gameplay

    #96 5 years ago
  97. theevilaires

    OMG its reggie again…reggie just quit and go to Sony or M$

    #97 5 years ago
  98. Gekidami

    Ah yes! Kirby!

    #98 5 years ago

    Reggie’s watch is blingin’!!!

    #99 5 years ago
  100. theevilaires

    A lot of virgins in that crowd :D

    #100 5 years ago
  101. G1GAHURTZ

    I might throw up in a minute.

    #101 5 years ago
  102. MushroomStamp

    I dont’ even know what to say about kirby…. other than, no thank you. This is typical nintendo children gameplay

    #102 5 years ago
  103. sg1974

    Oh my god. I like the look of the Kirby and Mickey games.

    I feel very dirty.

    #103 5 years ago
  104. theevilaires

    dude the Kirby game looks sweet….no really I mean sweet as I can eat it like a cake! Think I’ll get my daughter a Kirby cake next year for he Birthday :D

    #104 5 years ago
  105. G1GAHURTZ

    Enough of this rubbish, where’s the 3DS!?!?!

    #105 5 years ago
  106. SunKing

    The Kirby game is easily the most impressive thing of the Nintendo conference so far.

    #106 5 years ago
  107. zoopdeloop

    Kirby’s Epic Yarn…or epic Yawn(at least for some)?
    Metroid looks great ;)

    #107 5 years ago
  108. MushroomStamp

    Metroid Meh

    #108 5 years ago
  109. theevilaires

    ITS DK Blerk! :D Run!!!!

    #109 5 years ago
  110. Gekidami

    DK looks like a PSN/XBL game.

    #110 5 years ago
  111. G1GAHURTZ


    #111 5 years ago
  112. moon

    OMG! That fricking kicks ass! A return to donkey kong?! Me and a friend played the 3 snes games for days on end. dear god this is awesome news. If they can at least match the level design of the previous games then this is absolute win all over

    #112 5 years ago
  113. Blerk


    #113 5 years ago
  114. theevilaires

    One thing I have to give Reggie credit for is that he speaks from his mind and heart, unlike Trenton or that M$ doucebag!

    Gotta clap for that!

    #114 5 years ago
  115. theevilaires

    Ok the camera zooming in thingy was gay! :D

    #115 5 years ago
  116. sg1974

    Was hoping for the top screen to be the whole width of the unit, not an industry standard 3.5″ job. :(

    #116 5 years ago
  117. spiderLAW

    looks exactly like the Mock-Up kotaku had made

    #117 5 years ago
  118. Blerk

    Is that an analogue stick?

    #118 5 years ago
  119. Gekidami


    #119 5 years ago
  120. moon

    I can see the top screen being enlarged later in revisions as an upgrade that could of course have been done initially.

    #120 5 years ago
  121. Gekidami

    Show us these gfx please.

    #121 5 years ago
  122. sg1974

    @Blerk, looks like a sliding nub like PSP

    #122 5 years ago
  123. Blerk

    Project Sora is Kingdom Hearts, right?

    Edit: Or not!

    #123 5 years ago
  124. Gekidami

    PS3/360 it is not.

    Looks like the same level visuals as the PSP.

    #124 5 years ago
  125. G1GAHURTZ

    Well, that’s one myth debunked.

    Graphics are nowhere near 360/PS3 standard.

    #125 5 years ago
  126. MushroomStamp

    Kid icarus looks better than Zelda or that Mickey game

    #126 5 years ago
  127. Gekidami

    It does lol. They made more of a show out of it to.

    #127 5 years ago
  128. SunKing

    Kid Icarus looks cheesy as hell. Good graphics, not really seeing the 3D, but obviously I didn’t really expect I would. Very interested in hands-on impressions, though.

    #128 5 years ago
  129. zoopdeloop

    3ds is impressive…the same level of visuals with Psp though.was expecting a little bit more

    #129 5 years ago
  130. bugmenot

    Wii quality in 3d is quite something.

    #130 5 years ago
  131. Gekidami

    Some solid support there.

    #131 5 years ago
  132. SunKing

    Awesome line-up of 3DS games. :D

    #132 5 years ago
  133. Mike

    Please stop swearing, Johnny. Pretty please?

    #133 5 years ago
  134. sg1974

    Well the 3DS will freek out all those grannies in old peoples homes.

    #134 5 years ago
  135. bugmenot

    I think we have an e3 winner

    #135 5 years ago
  136. sg1974

    @Mike, it’s not just Johnny. :(

    #136 5 years ago
  137. MushroomStamp

    I saw/heard a whole lot of yapping, and not really much to back it up. I think it’s time I just got over my love for Nintendo. They are strictly for kids and casual gamers.. I need to accept that :( .. man what I would do for a more adult Zelda or just games that didn’t look 5 years old. Ah well…

    #137 5 years ago
  138. zoopdeloop

    I can already see it a lot of devs getting back to their old partnership (continuing their franchises) with Nintendo.Just like the old days.

    #138 5 years ago
  139. SunKing

    lol, OMFG. Best promo video EVAR!11!

    #139 5 years ago
  140. zoopdeloop

    That video was cheesy and unecessary…

    #140 5 years ago
  141. Gekidami

    lol MS gives 360′s Nintendo give women.

    #141 5 years ago
  142. moon

    Hmm, time will tell about 3DS. Not overly impressed yet.

    Otherwise though Nintendo have done a bloody good job. An impressive list of games coming out :)

    #142 5 years ago
  143. Wizard

    just too much blonde on the stage!!!

    #143 5 years ago
  144. theevilaires

    Steph you’re gonna get some girl on girl action going huh :D

    #144 5 years ago
  145. Gekidami

    “multiple game playstations” Playstations?! :D

    That wasnt to bad really, the Wii games looked weak and well, so did the DS ones… Wait, what was i saying again? Oh yeah, 3DS.

    #145 5 years ago
  146. Anders

    Fuck me. Nintendo brings it in a big way.

    #146 5 years ago
  147. The Hindle

    Well that was unappealing to me.

    #147 5 years ago
  148. AHA-Lambda

    wow i cant believe i’m saying this as a nonnintendo fan but they have won this e3 by a mile they definitely have!

    #148 5 years ago
  149. SunKing

    Pretty good range of titles, I think. The 3DS looks cool and obviously has a lot of support from devs. Nothing in there I really care about, but that’s no reflection on them.

    #149 5 years ago
  150. theevilaires

    So what will it be guys

    1-10 ratings if you shall!

    #150 5 years ago
  151. Gekidami

    hum, honnestly the 3DS sounds impressive shame its impossible to show off. Also one game?

    I wouldnt really say they’ve ‘won’ with the actual games they shown looking pretty poor. But it was better then what we got yesterday.

    #151 5 years ago
  152. MushroomStamp

    Your ON CRACK!!! There was nothing in the keynote that even got me excited.. except the personal 3D woman to follow you around.. it was sooooo mediocre it’s not funny… sad Keynote or mediocrity. Showing out of date games.. but ok for kids I guess

    #152 5 years ago
  153. Psychotext

    MS gives away free 360s.
    Nintendo pimps out women.

    What’s Sony got for the audience? :D

    #153 5 years ago
  154. AHA-Lambda

    i thought it was total meh until i saw that 3rd party 3ds lineup. I am interested

    Wait? No date or price!??! O_O

    #154 5 years ago
  155. Gekidami

    Yeah thats the main problem with everything they showed; It all kiddy-grade stuff.

    #155 5 years ago
  156. Filofax

    I take it they did not announce a price and release date for 3DS yet.

    #156 5 years ago
  157. MushroomStamp

    I have ZERO interest in Handhelds, so this keynote was huge fail for me. My wii will continue to sit in the corner collecting dust.

    #157 5 years ago
  158. Gekidami

    Yep and they only showed one game which honnestly didnt look to great. But the future line-up is stunning. Shame its only paper for now.

    #158 5 years ago
  159. spiderLAW

    8.5/10 for me. Lots of stuff going on. Would have been a 9.5 but Reggies yapping about units sold was stupid. He seemed to have been trying to put himself at ease knowing PS3, 360, and iStuff is on Nintendos back.

    #159 5 years ago
  160. Anders

    Probably a 9 for me. Loved it. Very few low points.

    #160 5 years ago
  161. AHA-Lambda

    why was there no date or price for 3ds?

    also no wii vitality sensor XD

    #161 5 years ago
  162. DaMan

    very impressive selection of games for 3ds, aside from that Kid Icarus. Epic Mickey looks awesome as well.

    #162 5 years ago
  163. justiceblob

    6/10 – same as yesterday. probably because I dont have a Wii, and I have no interest in handhelds. Kirby – 11/10 though, that shit was amazing.

    #163 5 years ago
  164. cookiejar

    @153, Gran Turismo 5? :D

    #164 5 years ago
  165. AHA-Lambda

    i would say it was decent overall

    it was majority wise crap but i think the 3DS stuff at the end could really come together. MGS and resi alone made me excited O_O

    #165 5 years ago
  166. Gekidami

    6/10 for me. Only Kirby looked good and they didnt show enought of the 3DS to impress me but the idea and names written on that screen are looking good. Everything else was ‘same old same old’ really.

    #166 5 years ago
  167. spiderLAW

    I dont see whats wrong with this.
    Zelda looked amaizing and it sounds fun. Cant count the interference as a bad thing. It looks promising and im sure it will deliver.
    Metroid the Other M is old news but it looked great.
    Epic Mickey sounds like a good break away from the normal action that goes on with the PS3 and 360.
    The 3DS tech sounds like lots of fun to be had.

    Listen, none of this stuff was Epic at all but the way i look at it, its casual for the core gamer and not just casual gamers. There’s fun to be had with all that had been shown. I like to leave the Epics with MS and Sony and leave Nintendo with the whole break from the norm scene.

    #167 5 years ago
  168. MushroomStamp

    5/10 for me. NO interest in handhelds, and the Wii games are looking very DATED, with no games targeted for people over 10. Zelda looked bad with all kinds of technical issues and huge ugly invisible controller on the screen. Mickey looked like Mario Sunshine which got old FAST. Metroid… meh. Kirby looks like it’s for a 8 yr old girl. Kid Icarus looked good but it’s for a handheld so no go there.

    There was nothing in this show for me.

    #168 5 years ago
  169. Gadzooks!

    Ninty have won E3 by a pretty massive margin. MGS, Resi, Zelda, DK, Goldeneye, Epic Mickey. They hold all the cards right now.

    #169 5 years ago
  170. theevilaires

    What about that whole wifi interference thing? That was the highlight for me. I wonder if someone from the M$ or SONY camp tried to sabotage the show out of fanboy rage :D

    #170 5 years ago
  171. theevilaires

    Gadzooks you are a fucking idiot and XBOT by saying that while not even seeing SONY’s show yet you moron. Say so far yet before making statements like that you noob.

    #171 5 years ago
  172. SunKing

    I’m sure Nintendo will be pretty happy with what they presented. I would. Anyways, it was certainly better than Microsoft’s conference.

    #172 5 years ago
  173. Blerk

    That was a stonking show from them as far as I’m concerned. Announcement after announcement after announcement, new thing, new thing, new thing. Exactly what I wanted from Microsoft but didn’t get. Well, who’d have thunk it?

    True, I probably won’t pick up many of those titles. But for the Nintendo fan, it’s hard to imagine a much better show, no?

    #173 5 years ago
  174. DaMan

    very impressive really, 8/10. I would give a 9 if it wasn’t for the Kid Icarus disaster :)

    #174 5 years ago
  175. moon

    8/10 here. Some damn good games listed.
    But no mention of vitality sensor?

    #175 5 years ago

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