Namco Bandai boss: Wii and DS market has “collapsed”

Thursday, 10th June 2010 10:24 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Ever had a friend who’s so constantly peppy and cheery that the second they start acting like a normal human being, you absolutely know something’s wrong?

Does that friend need a nickname? How about “Nintendo”? Yeah, the king of console hill is still definitely holding down the fort, but these days, Miyamoto and co’s waggle/touch-centric empire is starting to look a little – dare we say it – mortal.

Don’t believe us? Then just ask Namco Bandai VP of sales, marketing and publishing Olivier Comte.

“It’s a tough market,” he told MCV. “We had a lot of product, and the average quality of a game on DS and Wii is very, very bad. So in the mind of the consumer today, to buy a DS or Wii game is to buy a game that isn’t very good.”

Madness. Party Babyz changed our lives. But game quality (or lack thereof) is only part of the equation. Good or bad, a game’s still money in the bank so long as people are buying it. However, if they’re not…

“One of the reasons the DS collapsed is piracy, it is very clear, but also it is a fantastic machine and very easy to develop for. It was possible for three kids in a garage to make a game for it,” Comte explained.

“DS is the most successful platform ever, but all my kids’ friends at school have a DS with an R4. They have 100 games for no money. So yes, the market has collapsed for the DS and Wii.”

Which is approximately $3000 in stolen goods per child. Kids these days, eh?



  1. mojo

    “Kids these days, eh?”

    NAthan, i bet u also, like everyone else, copied loads and loads of games on the old homecomputers (amiga etc) didnt u?

    Kids back in teh days, eh?


    #1 5 years ago
  2. polygem

    i´m tempted to get a wii just for mario galaxy 2…also sin and punishment looks like a lot of fun…but i agree, most games for the nintendo systems seem to be garbage. there are definitely some gems n treasures to be found but overall i think it´s not worth to STILL pay like 190 Euro for the wii, when you can get a 360 for that, which has an immense libary of awesome games…pricedrop…pricedrop….pricedrop…120 euro i am willing to pay, just to play the mario games.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. OlderGamer

    Its just time for Nintendo to get some new hardware going is all.

    The gameboy is just a gameboy. New design, new colors, maybe some small new features and its back on top.

    As for the Wii, nothing to be ashamed off. The things sold a plan stupid amount and is still selling. But I feel it is time ninetndo took a look and upgrading the hardware. The next Wii needs to be in HD, needs to have a stronger online service, needs to be waggle optional, 100% backwards compatable, and have a honest storage solution.

    Kind of funny to me, everyone sees the Wii as something they wouldn’t want to play…yet MS/Sony are spending millions trying to mimic the casual approach and motion controls that make the Wii unique.

    I own a Wii the games I do play when I play the thing are waggle free. ‘Cept for Wii Sports, because it is … well, Wii Sports.

    Gonna be interesting to see what happens with Move and Natal. Will they sell?

    #3 5 years ago
  4. reask

    Dont know about new hardware OG.
    How many people with the Wii will go Nintendo again?
    I know I wouldn’t as I have spent all of 5 minutes on mine the 3 years I have it.

    Nintendo had a responsibility to cater for all the people who bought there product and heaven knows with the money made from it they could have paid devs to make better games for it.

    I remember getting mine for the little one about 3 years ago.
    You couldn’t get one for love nor money in Ireland.
    I ended up getting my relative to bring one home from Germany as it was a Xmas wish list.
    3 years on and the same shovel-ware is still been dished out on a regular basis.
    Say what you want about Sony and MS but they continue to bust there buns to bring out games that suit everyone’s tastes and that includes move and natal.

    Nintendo could have done so much more but were quite intent on raining in the profits imo.
    Hard to tell what will happen but if this scenario turns out I feel Nintendo will have no one to blame but themselves.

    #4 5 years ago
  5. Anders

    The Wii and the DS has gone from “OMG MAD SALES!!!!!” to “fantastic sales”. It’s not like the sky is falling.

    #5 5 years ago

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