Ninety Nine Nights 2 gets official NA release date

Friday, 4 June 2010 05:34 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Does the idea of beating up earth’s entire population five times over in the span of five minutes have your money practically leaping out of your wallet and into a nearby cash register? Would you like nothing more than to do so while wearing a impractically tiny chainmail bikini?

Well then, you kind of scare us. But don’t worry, because Feelplus and Q Entertainment have your back.

Shacknews brings word that Konami’s officially pegged Ninety Nine Nights II with a June 29 release date in North America. Click through the link for celebratory screenshots and video, which depict – what else? – hacking, slashing, and bodycounts that’d make Dynasty Warriors blush.

We’ll drop Konami a line and see if we can find out when the game’s dropping in other Western territories.