Red Dead Redemption invisibility glitch patched

Friday, 21 May 2010 05:00 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Hi Ho, Silver! Away!

Silver? Silver?

That, we imagine, was the reaction from many Red Dead Redemption/unabashed Lone Ranger fans when they encountered the new Rockstar release’s notorious invisibility glitch. Fortunately, the developer challenged the big nasty bug to pistols at dawn, and after a few shots rang out, Rockstar stood victorious. Or it issued a patch. But we like to think it was the first thing.

“We have just deployed a fix that should address the issues some people have been experiencing in Red Dead Redemption online multiplayer. This fix should address a specific issue that was found where the player’s multiplayer avatar, their horse or their weapons would occasionally not be visible in multiplayer games as well as an issue that some players were experiencing where they would lose connection to the various multiplayer modes,” said a statement issued to Kotaku.

Then it hopped on its invisible horse and rode off into the sunset. Or got back to work. But we like to think it was the first thing.