Digital Foundry dissects Halo: Reach beta

Sunday, 2 May 2010 13:05 GMT By Joe Anderson


Digital Foundry‘s pulled the Halo: Reach beta to bits on a technical level.

The tech specialist’s analysis shows the game runs with 720 progressive lines of resolution. However, the horizontal resolution is slightly cut down, giving native rendering at 1152×720.

Frame-rate runs at a steady 30fps, only occasionally dipping below.

There’s occasional screen tear and “some odd form of 2x temporal anti-aliasing,” which results in images being blurred together and some objects on-screen not always appearing as solid as they might.

Overall, though, the site seems quite impressed by the multiplayer test, saying that “it’s clear to see that in just about every regard Halo: Reach has seen substantial tech upgrades compared to the old Halo 3 engine.”

Halo Reach is due for release, exclusively to Xbox 360, later this year. The beta starts tomorrow.