SEGA’s Move and Natal projects to court PS2 crowd

Thursday, 22nd April 2010 16:55 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


SEGA West president Mike Hayes has said, once again that the titles it’s working on for Natal and Move would be revealed at E3 and that the projects will appeal to a specific type of player.

Speaking in an interview with IndustryGamers, Hayes believes that what the company has in store will appeal to the PS2 crowd.

“We’re very supportive of both [controllers], said Hayes. “It’s too early to give out details on that, but we’ll provide that at E3.

“The thing we like about these [motion control] applications is that they tend to suit the traditional Sega genre. Look at the phenomenal success we’ve had with games like Mario & Sonic, which effectively is a whole variety of party games that happen to be based on the Olympics. And we’ve done very well recently with Sega All-Star Racing.

“So we actually like the fact that Move and Natal will bring in more of what I’d call the PS2 type of consumer for those platforms (Xbox 360, PS3), which then suits very much the IP that Sega has. So I’d say we’re fully supportive of both equally, because they’re both very important partners for us as we try and sell more software.”

It was announced last year that SEGA was one of the publishers slated to make games for Natal.

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  1. SplatteredHouse

    So is it the implication, that they aren’t interested/don’t believe they can connect sufficiently with, the existing owners of the systems? Because, this sounds like solely a reach-out to newer, often less experienced players.

    That’s not the way to set out with the Move. They should be targeting everybody, if they’re able. Otherwise, if that sort of thinking takes root wholesale, WE really will just end up with a Wii2 scenario, which would sell the concept, and possibilities short.
    People who wanted a Wii, it should be realised, have had more than sufficient time, communication and availability to meet that aim. I almost feel like admonishing Sega for its non-progressive position. If it comes to pass that that is ALL Sega will look to do with this, that’s the extent of their ambition, then I’m going to be angry and disappointed.

    The guy mentions PS2, and yes, as I recall, that featured some new tech at the time called Eyetoy, and Sega did just this, THEN! Why settle for repeating history, when you could instead, be making it.

    The opportunities presented by the Move and Project Natal, should not be overlooked, nor compartmentalised. In my view, games should be made, and people buy the games they want (for these platforms) and hopefully, the makers don’t aim to target niche within niche, but take full advantage of an opportunity to remove the split in audiences, and aim to target as many people as possible.

    #1 5 years ago
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