USK lists Demon’s Souls for European release by Namco-Bandai

Thursday, 15 April 2010 09:28 GMT By Johnny Cullen


The dream is looking like a reality: Demon’s Souls is looking set for a European release for real, according to a listing on the German board classification the USK.

The listing’s been pulled from its website, but TSA managed to get a grab of the listing before it got taken down, which shows Namco-Bandai Partners as the publisher.

Already, original publisher for the FromSoftware RPG in Asia, Sony, has said it has no plans to publish the game in Europe. Atlus, publisher in the US, hadn’t stated previously if it was to be given duties for it.

So far to date, it’s sold over 280k in America, with a sequel already hinted at for fall in Japan.

We’ll email NBP about it, but grasp some straws, just in case.