Get CoLD SToRAGE electronica and gaming music albums for £1 each

Thursday, 25 March 2010 18:12 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


Musician Tim Wright, a.k.a. CoLD SToRAGE, who has written videogame music since the early 90s and most recently for Gravity Crash, is having a sale on his music over on Bandcamp.

From March 25 through April 12, his entire collection of audio albums will be priced at a minimum of £1 each.

“If you’re like me and really aren’t that keen on Chocolate, then Easter can be a tricky time for people trying to find something different,” said Wright. “So I thought I’d make my albums more accessible as gifts over the Easter period.

“I’ll be changing the price on all my albums and singles to £1 minimum, with the option of paying a little extra if you feel like adding to my Easter Bunny fund.”

You can get a taste of his music before purchasing over on his Bandcamp page.

It really makes us feel like drinking kamikazes and dancing around with glow sticks. Good electronica stuff, there.