Bizarre Creations working on two unannounced games

Thursday, 18th March 2010 19:06 GMT By Patrick Garratt


If you thought Bizarre’s only baby was Blur, think again.

The Liverpool studio told CVG on a recent press trip that it has two other games in the works.

One of the projects is “said” to be an Acti Bond game, according to that piece.

“The team that make the shooters are still making their game and we’ve got another team who are busy doing stuff as well,” said Blur co-lead designer, Ged Talbot.

“Other than that the team that made the PGR games is the same team that’s making Blur.”

Blur’s out on May 28 in the UK. Acti’s already said that another Bond title will release in 2010.



  1. SplatteredHouse

    Is the Bond game, seperate from the “Bond Racer” that there was rumblings about? Or, was the racer an assumption, because of Bizaare’s focus, in the past; so, there’s just the one Bond project to be released by Acti?

    #1 5 years ago

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