Steamworks to be integrated into Unreal Engine 3

Friday, 12 March 2010 15:23 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Epic’s announced a partnership with Valve to bring Steamworks to Unreal Engine 3, meaning the tools will now be offered to UE3 licensees for nothing.

Steamworks is a set of tools from Valve that allows developers that want to use Steam for their games to have features like achievements, DRM authentication and more.

Epic’s Mark Rein said the move was a “no brainer”.

“Valve has created a world-wide phenomenon with Steam and we’re excited to be able to have the Steamworks suite of services available to Unreal Engine 3 licensees so they can take full advantage of all that Steam has to offer,” he said.

“With Valve offering these services free of charge, the idea of providing the Steamworks SDK to all Unreal Engine licensees was a no-brainer.”

Thanks, 1UP.