NPD February 2010: Nintendo DS dominates, Xbox 360 outsells Wii and PS3

Friday, 12th March 2010 05:34 GMT By Nathan Grayson


February 2010′s dead and gone, but let’s remember it for what it was: a month during which videogame consoles were sold. Yep. For that alone, we’ll remember February 2010 for the rest of our… what were we talking about again? Oh well. It probably didn’t matter.

Check out the full list of hardware sales after the break.

Hardware Sales, February 2010

  1. Nintendo DS 613.2K
  2. Xbox 360 422.0K
  3. Wii 397.9K
  4. PlayStation 3 360.1K
  5. PSP 133.4K
  6. PlayStation 2 101.9K



  1. Michael O’Connor

    LOL. PlayStation 3 sold 360 (emphasis) thousand units. Cute.

    Is it me, or are these sales higher than usual? I wonder what’s driving up 360 sales. Nothing of particular interest has been released this month on the format, that I can recall.

    *checks* Up, definitely up. Surprising.

    Poor Wii is losing it’s momentum.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Erthazus

    Because 360 is an established market in the US. PS3 is just starting to have something for the US people like God Of War franchise.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Blerk

    Uh… well that was unexpected! Those numbers do seem kind of high for February too. Surely Bioshock 2 couldn’t have been driving 360 sales?

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Blerk

    Indeed, that’s apparently the 360′s ‘best February sales ever’. So much for the analysts predictions yet again this month. :-D

    #4 5 years ago
  5. FeaturePreacher

    Congrats to Microsoft.

    #5 5 years ago
  6. onyxbox

    Perhaps there actually was shortage of PS3′s and Wii’s so people just got a 360 while they wait (they’re cheap enough these days aren’t they?).

    Either that or all those FF13 adds convinced quite a lot of people that it was only going to be available on 360…. muppets!


    #6 5 years ago
  7. onyxbox

    BTW: Bioshock was pretty good towards the end of the game. Dull at the start tho’

    #7 5 years ago
  8. DJ Deathstar

    Everyone forgetting that Mass Effect 2 did come out at the end of Jan so alot might have waited till Feb to get a console etc.

    @2 if anything the fact that the 360 is an established market means its more more impressive that the sold so many as its easier to sell higher numbers of things people don’t own like the PS3 where as there is less people for microsoft to target at as more people already own 360′s

    #8 5 years ago
  9. Bulk Slash

    Those are odd figures, much higher than Pachter predicted for all of them IIRC. So much for the experts. Hopefully the 360′s boost is due to Mass Effect 2, which really does deserve the success.

    #9 5 years ago
  10. The Hindle

    Impressive for Heavy Rain considering the figures are based on 5 days of it being out.

    #10 5 years ago
  11. OlderGamer

    Much higher for all systems then I would have thought.

    I wonder how that PSPGo sold?

    #11 5 years ago
  12. reask

    Pachter never gets it right anyway.
    Great job to have.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. IL DUCE

    @1 well yeah nothing besides mass effect 2 coming out at the end of january, which was said but is an amazing game and probably the best of the year so far and might hold up with that title…and i love how last month when the ps3 outsold 360 for one month finally, these execs start talking shit…now we dont hear shit…

    #13 5 years ago

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