Heavy Rain restocked in the UK

Friday, 12th March 2010 18:38 GMT By Patrick Garratt


SCEE just noted that “all” major retailers have now taken on more Heavy Rain stock in the UK, after reports of shortages.

The news came via the EU PS Blog:

Due to overwhelming demand from you guys for Heavy Rain, some of you may have had problems getting hold of the game over the last few weeks. I thought I’d stop by and let you know that all UK retailers have been restocked this week.

So if you weren’t able to get your hands on Heavy Rain before, you should have no problems finding it now!

Demand panned UK stocks of the Sony thriller, as reported in early March.



  1. justiceblob

    about bloody time, but they’ll now how to wait for my money. In frustration I bought FFXIII and am loving it.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. xino

    all major!?
    then enough people must own a ps3 in UK.
    Unless Sony were skeptical about the sales and only shipped a few stock to retailers:/

    #2 5 years ago

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