Games industry will “benefit” movie business, says MW director

Tuesday, 9th March 2010 14:43 GMT By Johnny Cullen


The success of games will “benefit” the movie industry, according to the director of the Call of Duty and Modern Warfare series, Keith Arem.

Speaking in an interview with GI, he said franchises such as Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto had “changed perceptions” of the games industry in general.

“The success of the games industry is going to benefit those other movie industries. It’s providing more work, it’s providing more content,” said Arem. “Finding new content in the games industry is going to absolutely expand into the movie industry and vice-versa.

“By expanding these franchises out the film industry is going to re-seed stuff into games. As much as people are threatened by the fear of the unknown, it’s going to be a huge benefit to both industries as they grow hand-in-hand.

“There’s been a complete 180 in the past several years with games like Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto, and these have shown that these can change perceptions.”

Expect a Modern Warfare movie in the next couple of years, then.

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  1. DeSpiritusBellum

    You can only really shake your head at that.

    Grand Theft Auto 4 was maybe like a really boring Romanian art-film about a guy who gets harassed on his cellphone all the time, and while Call of Duty has always had that awesome cinematic feel, it’s not as if any of the recent stories were anything less than ridiculous.

    You accept the hilarity because it’s a game and that’s just the realm of ridiculous storylines and 80′s camp, but if you watched a movie that asked you to take a leap of faith like that, you’d either spend the rest of it picking it apart or just turn the damn thing off.

    But hey, maybe it’ll get Michael Bay some work. Guy has to eat.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. pheaton360

    ActiTelevision? Please NOT!

    #2 5 years ago
  3. blackdreamhunk

    It would be cool to have mass effect, maybe even a border lands or guild wars cartoon lol we arleady have the comics. Yes i know it’s nurdy to watch cartoons!

    mass effect mocie i would see for sure or even guildwars :p

    sorry I would pass up Modern Warfare

    #3 5 years ago

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