PS3 lead platform for Vanquish, confirms Sega

Thursday, 4th March 2010 23:13 GMT By Johnny Cullen


Sega has revealed Vanquish’s development is being led on PlayStation 3.

The news came at a press event last week in Tokyo for the Platinum third-person shooter, directed by Resident Evil  creator Shinji Mikami.

The developer is doing both SKUs in-house, which is in stark contrast compared to Bayonetta: the 360 version was done at the studio, while Sega did port work for the title on PS3.

“We’re leading development on PS3,” said Mikami. “Obviously each console has its own unique requirements and limitations, but we feel if we can create a good enough presentation on PS3, we’ll be off to a good start.”

He also revealed that development started out on PC, although when asked if it was coming to that platform, Mikami said PS3 and 360 were “the main idea right now”.

The first screens and story information were released this morning. The game was announced last month with a debut CG trailer.

The game’s due out this winter, in Japan at least, for PS3 and 360.

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  1. Goliath

    Good idea after the Bayonetta debacle for sure. Though I must say that after seeing the screens of the game, I’m not really interested.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Rumble

    The game is also announced for this winter in the European Sega blog.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. AHA-Lambda

    WOW quel surprise mon ami :O

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Bleak Harvest

    Your headline is missing “… for now”

    #4 5 years ago
  5. Joe_Gamer

    Make it for PC and I’ll buy it.

    #5 5 years ago
  6. DJ Deathstar

    Well the fact that both are being done in house is good news all round

    #6 5 years ago
  7. Robo_1

    The phrase; “good enough” is hardly confidence inspiring, but it’s obviously nice to see that they’re keen to make amends for Bayonetta.

    #7 5 years ago
  8. Eregol

    Same sort of soundbite that came from the Castlevania: LoS interview.
    This would obviously avoid all the inefficiencies that came from the PS3 port of Bayonetta.
    Bit stupid though, both consoles are pretty much even in terms of power, no matter which machine you put it on, they should look identical (disc space permitting of course).

    #8 5 years ago
  9. OlderGamer

    I think your going to see JP devs/pubs putting the PS3 first.

    And I think your going to see the game media make a big deal out of it.

    When THQ, ACTI, and EA switch over to making the PS3 lead platform then we will have something to talk about. Or maybe not, both systems have shown that they can do the same games. Some are better one system and some better on the other. I think it comes down to dev rescources.

    #9 5 years ago
  10. Eregol

    Had a feeling this was the case.
    Although, they made it sound a lot better than the Castlevania developers did.

    #10 5 years ago

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