NOA’s Cammie Dunaway not expecting a YoY increase in Wii sales

Thursday, 4th March 2010 16:48 GMT By Stephany Nunneley


NOA’s Cammie Dunaway has said that Wii’s 2009 performance will be a tough one to beat in 2010, seeing as the console is in it’s fifth year on the US market, the company does not expect to match or beat those strong numbers.

Speaking with GamesBeat, Dunaway said that currently, US figures for Wii stand at around 28M units, which is 5M more than PS2 (which just turned 10) was during the same lifecycle.

Because of this, there’s no need to drop the price of the console again any time soon.

“Certainly on the Wii, we are now in the fifth year. We have had extraordinary success,” she said. “The PS2 went on to sell more than 50 million. So that means there is plenty of opportunity to sell more Wiis.

“That being said, going into the fifth year, you usually don’t anticipate selling more than you did in the previous year.

“Right now, we continue to see demand at very strong levels. It’s tough to find a Wii now. If we hit 100 stores in the area, we would find Wiis in only 20 percent of them today. That tremendous strength we had in December really wiped the pipeline clean. Our pipeline, [and] the retailer pipeline.

“And so, with that kind of demand, it doesn’t suggest the need for any pricing actions.”

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  1. theevilaires

    Just read an article over at yahoo. Yup its about time this Wii garbage died out. They next gen if they want to get serious they should release a hardcore system that can match PS4 or XboxZ graphics capability…of course they will need Blu-ray ;) and just make a Wii2 for old people and little kids.

    Look at Sony, they are dealing with 4 different machines at once, So Nintendo can do it also.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Michael O’Connor

    Considering Nintendo makes more money than Sony and Microsoft are out of their console without relying on HD or “hardcore” games… they’re fine the way they are.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. theevilaires

    they are only making this much money now O’Connor because the wii had no competition with its style of play. Things will be different with Natal and Arc.

    If Sony knew about the wii’s controls before E3 2006 you better believe the PS2 would have gotten a new face lift and Nintendo would have went the way of Sega.

    #3 5 years ago

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