“Surprise Sony sequel” to debut on GTTV this week

Tuesday, 2nd March 2010 20:08 GMT By Johnny Cullen


The latest promo for GameTrailers TV has gone live, promising news on the upcoming Mass Effect 2 DLC, a new Mafia II trailer and more.

But the kicker? The reveal of a “surprise Sony sequel”.

With the promo showing PS3 games for the announcement, it’s safe to assume it’s not a PSP title.

As for what it is, if we had to guess, only one game springs to mind: Resistance 3.

Guess we’ll find out Friday morning UK time. Promo’s below.



  1. Goliath

    Do we get a LittleBigPlanet 2, Infamous 2, Resistance 3 or Killzone 3 announcement? Any guesses ladies and gentlement? My money is on LittleBigPlanet 2 after today’s announcement.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. Gekidami

    So this is what Geoff Keighley was talking about on his twitter. He’s already hyped it up as looking better then GoW3.
    I’m calling Killzone3, maybe Infamous 2. We know they’re both coming.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Aerschtuner

    I’m betting on LBP 2. Nice timing after buying Media Molecule.

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Syrok

    Or Motorstorm.
    Even better Demon’s Souls. :)

    #4 5 years ago
  5. AHA-Lambda

    K I think it HAS to be one of these:

    BIG sequels:
    Infamous 2
    Resistance 3 (I think it is this one makes sense for it to be this)
    Killzone 3 (although this is TOO big for gttv i think, probably E3)

    Games that would count as more of a shocking surprise:
    LBP 2
    Heavenly Sword 2
    Syphon Filter Next Gen
    Twisted Metal (E3 methinks for this tho)
    ZOE 3 (for the record if it is this I will cream myself)

    #5 5 years ago
  6. NoxNoctisUmbra

    That SONY sequel is Twisted Metal.

    #6 5 years ago
  7. Gekidami

    There seems to be proof that Sony have sequels for nearly EVERYTHING going right now, who knows what this is.

    #7 5 years ago
  8. Johnny Cullen

    Too soon for Twisted Metal.
    Starhawk and LBP 2, if it exists, will be at E3.

    Killzone 3 will be at E3 as well, and I reckon inFamous 2 could make GamesCom for a release next year.

    Resistance 3 makes a lot more sense. GTTV did the trailer for Resistance 2 a couple of years, and this is within the series’ development period.

    So unless I am wide off the mark, which I’d like to think I am not, it’s Resistance 3.

    AHA – As much as I share you enthsiasm for Zone of the Enders 3, that is a third-party title. This will be a first-party reveal, by the looks of it.

    #8 5 years ago
  9. Gekidami

    Wonder what he means by “surprise”? As in its a game no one is expecting? Alundra 3 would be awesome.

    #9 5 years ago
  10. AHA-Lambda

    There’s rumours on forums that this mystery game may be using the GOW3 engine. makes sense if geoff said this looks as good as GOW3. Let speculation commence!

    @8 – I know but I can dream, I CAN DREAM!! *plays zoe 2 again*

    #10 5 years ago
  11. Johnny Cullen

    Hmm. Now that I think about it, this could be something out of the blue.

    That said, I’m still sticking with Resistance 3.

    #11 5 years ago
  12. Gekidami

    Dog’s Life 2. You heard it here first.

    #12 5 years ago
  13. Syrok

    Flower 2. ^.^

    #13 5 years ago
  14. AHA-Lambda

    Personally I think it is resistance 3 if not that and they REALLY want to surprise us then it is syphon filter PS3 IMO.

    @ 13 – **** YEA! :D

    #14 5 years ago
  15. Johnny Cullen

    Jak & Daxter?

    Everyone’s been wanting it, but it’s been out of the spotlight for a bit. That could be it.

    #15 5 years ago
  16. Brinaldo

    Surprise? Legend of Dragoon 2. That would be a dream, not a surprise…

    #16 5 years ago
  17. Erthazus

    Jak & Daxter? Impossible for one reason:

    Naughty Dog makes ONLY a new IP every generation platform so PS3 will see only Uncharted series.

    and you can all just shut up and keep your predictions in your pocket. Its actually impossible to guess because of amount of companies and Ip’s that Sony have.

    #17 5 years ago
  18. Gekidami

    I’ve got the feeling it wont be anything Japanese, so keep your Dragoons, Wildarms, Legaias, Alundras, etc… In your pocket.

    #18 5 years ago
  19. AHA-Lambda

    @ 18 – true, gttv is as commercial a video game show as they come just short of g4. It ain’t going to be a SCEJ title.

    #19 5 years ago
  20. Dannybuoy

    It’s got to be God of War. God of War 4 is my bet. Hahahahahaa

    #20 5 years ago
  21. Syrok

    It’s going to be something not very exciting I guess. They probably keep all the big games for various conferences.

    #21 5 years ago
  22. Johnny Cullen

    Syrok – I think this is Sony’s big game for GDC.

    Come LA, Cologne and Tokyo, the floodgates open.

    #22 5 years ago
  23. kdogg

    It’s a game Sony were saving for GDC next week but after yesterdays little bug they want to shine a bit of positive light back their way.. So my bet Resistance 3 or Infamous 2. Over and out.

    #23 5 years ago
  24. Bulk Slash

    They’ll be announcing the first delay of Gran Turismo 6. ;)

    #24 5 years ago
  25. yacaman

    Legend of Dragoon 2. That would be a dream, not a surprise…

    I agree. But I think it will be the March release 2011 of Infamous 2
    Heavenly sword would be great too though.

    Resistance 3, Infamouse 2, Final Fantasy Vrs, Final Fantasy 14.
    and a couple other surprises reserved for E3 and Japan. Remember next year is Natal and Arcs competition, so dont expect a 2010 sequel for Sony next year.
    Now 2012 Will be the motherload, with Assasins Creed Final Chapter, New Prince of Persia following last years, etc

    #25 5 years ago
  26. Eregol

    Go on Sony, say Syphon Filter.

    #26 5 years ago
  27. DaMan

    Syphon Filter reboot.

    #27 5 years ago
  28. onlineatron

    Motorstorm 3 or Resistance 3.

    GTTV revealed Ratchet last year around this time, and the trailer for R2 as well… so it seems they have a nice partnership with Insomniac.

    Motorstorm 3 is due as well.

    I would love to see Syphon Filter though!

    #28 5 years ago
  29. The_Deleted

    Shadow of Rome II..?


    #29 5 years ago
  30. Gekidami

    Sony dont own it. So no.
    Make your choice, its one of the games on this list.

    #30 5 years ago
  31. DaMan

    Shadow of Rome is a Capcom IP.

    #31 5 years ago
  32. Michael O’Connor

    Could it possibly be a sequel to a PS2 title? There are a lot of PS2 franchises that Sony has almost completely ignored for this generation, a move that I always found to be a strange one.

    Of course, if Geoff Keighley is involved, it’ll probably be something utterly obvious to everyone. The man is a master of over-hyping, and everyone seems to love him for it, for some reason.

    #32 5 years ago
  33. Dr.Ghettoblaster

    Jet Moto or Splashdown reboot…? This generation needs a good water racing game.

    #33 5 years ago
  34. Johnny Cullen

    Eight Days or Getaway 3 revival?

    #34 5 years ago
  35. DaMan


    that would be quite a surprise.

    #35 5 years ago
  36. Aimless

    Primal 2.

    #36 5 years ago
  37. onlineatron


    That team (Cambridge) is due a new game… I would rather a new Medievil game though!

    #37 5 years ago
  38. Aimless

    Well, they recently put out LBP on the PSP. I wasn’t being entirely serious in any case.

    It’s going to be Resistance 3. If Geoff Keighley says it’s a surprise it’s bound to be something that isn’t.

    #38 5 years ago
  39. AHA-Lambda

    oh god i would die n go to heaven if a medievil 3 was made :D

    #39 5 years ago
  40. Lahanas

    Praying for a new Syphon Filter. My God I would give anything to see Logan return on the PS3!

    #40 5 years ago
  41. Robo_1

    Ditto, a new Syphon Filter would be awesome sauce.

    #41 5 years ago
  42. Bleak Harvest

    Flower 2.

    #42 5 years ago
  43. SplatteredHouse

    Primal 2! Even though aimless already guessed that. I really want it to be that!
    The emphasis is little doubt in the word surprise, anyway. It’ll be something that people probably aren’t going to be expecting – making it all the better! :D

    #43 5 years ago
  44. Uncontested

    resistance 3… weve already seen the billboard

    #44 5 years ago
  45. The Hindle

    Its a surprise guys all the games you have listed we know about. I think its another Uncharted game personally, no one would expect one so soon.

    #45 5 years ago
  46. Talyis

    Oh god please let it be Legend Of Dragoon 2!

    #46 5 years ago
  47. mojo

    <- pumped!!

    #47 5 years ago
  48. Panipal2005

    It’s gonna be Geoff Keighley is a Joke 5.

    #48 5 years ago
  49. Dannybuoy

    Just seen a retweet from Naughty Dog saying Insomniac are hiring… one guess what the new game is then…

    #49 5 years ago
  50. mington

    i was thinking a early teaser for uncharted 3

    maybe this time we’ll visit a desert with pyramids and stuff

    #50 5 years ago
  51. mojo


    #51 5 years ago
  52. No_PUDding

    Johnny Cullen you are wrong… Completely. Not Resistance 3.

    It IS the Twsisted Metal announcement.

    By no means is it too soon for it to be announced.

    -Jaffe’s been blogging for over year and a half
    -Calling All Cars released in 2007
    -No engine development, based on Warhawk’s.

    Most importantly:

    -Jaffe said it’d be announced Dec-Feb period

    #52 5 years ago
  53. No_PUDding

    And I just thought…

    Could it be Pixeljunk racers 2nd lap? That’d be unexpected, a little disappointing, but unexpected nonetheless.

    #53 5 years ago

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