Heavy Rain glitch shows nudity with Madison

Tuesday, 2 March 2010 09:04 GMT By Johnny Cullen

Heavy Rain 5

Kotaku‘s uncovered a glitch in Heavy Rain which shows main character Madison naked.

Spoilers below. Otherwise, hit the jump.

It comes in the sex scene featuring in the level “On The Loose” with Madison and Ethan. The player refused to kiss Madison with Ethan, but, somehow, managed to trigger the scene anyway.

Reload the save game afterwards, and there you go: you have her in her full glory.

Too bad you can’t see it if you haven’t got a copy already, considering there’s a shortage in progress.

Heavy Rain released last week, with it reaching number one in the UK charts yesterday.

The Quantic thriller is Sony’s first chart-topper since Killzone 2 last year.