Jonathan Blow and co. launch website, art for “The Witness”

Monday, 1 March 2010 04:22 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Braid creator Jonathan Blow’s dropped a few hints about his next project here and there, but now he’s finally seen fit to give us a proper peek at The Witness, as it’s known.

But – wouldn’t you know it – we’re still just as confused as ever.

It’s weird, too, because usually Blow is just so straightforward. Sadly, however, even a sizeable stack of concept art isn’t giving us much to go on. We can say this, though: after much eagle-eyed analysis, we’ve come to the conclusion that these shots have lots of pretty colors.

Fortunately, Blow’s promised to get us up to speed through further blog entries. Or at least, as up to speed as we can be about a game whose plot will inevitably have us still scratching our heads and shrugging our shoulders years after we beat it.