Zombies and Nazis? In Modern Warfare 2? Over Infinity Ward’s dead body

Wednesday, 24th February 2010 04:38 GMT By Nathan Grayson


We’re not gonna lie. Even considering the facts that 1) many people died in World War II and 2) a great deal of them were – in fact – Nazis, we always felt that Nazi Zombies felt a bit, well, out of place in COD: World at War.

Heck, the only way they’d be more out of place is if the game took place in modern times!

Fortunately, Infinity Ward agrees with our assessment, if not in words then through its actions. And, yeah, ok, there are some words too.

“There will be no Nazis or zombies in any piece of Modern Warfare 2 downloadable content,” Infinity Ward’s Robert Bowling told IGN.

So there you have it. Sorry, Nazi Zombie sympathizers. Them’s the breaks.

On that note, our knowledge of history’s a bit fuzzy. So can someone help us remember if Zombies played a major role in Vietnam?

Why? Oh, no reason.



  1. absolutezero

    Im sure theres a couple of Vietnam zombie movies kicking about.

    Like Nazi Zombies are any more silly than the MW2 storyline anyway, which lets face was the worst Tom Clancy fan fiction ever written.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. The Hindle

    The first big part of dlc is bound to be MW’s take on survival mode like Horde in Gears.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Gekidami

    From whats been said it sounds like the DLC is nothing but MP maps.

    #3 5 years ago

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