David Jaffe on Calling All Cars: “I’d call it a mistake”

Thursday, 18th February 2010 05:34 GMT By Nathan Grayson


Jumping ship from the world’s most popular franchise about an exceedingly angry man who kills gods and has threesomes to a small game about smaller cars seemed like something of an odd choice for God of War director David Jaffe. At least, to those of us in the Internet’s ever-vocal peanut gallery.

Turns out, though, that Jaffe regrets it too – just not for the reasons you might expect.

“We made a rookie mistake as a new studio doing smaller games,” said Jaffe during 2010′s DICE summit. “We had a casual theme with a hardcore mechanic on a machine people had paid $500 for. Nothing matched up. If I were going to go back and remake Calling All Cars I would’ve skinned it different.”

“There was this misperception and incorrectness on my part, that you buy this $599 system and bring the same mentality to a $5 game as a $60 game, and that was a mistake,” he added.

It’s ok, Dave. At least you didn’t try something completely off-the-wall – like, oh say, a PSP game that’d make people cry.

Oh, wait. Well, this is awkward.

Thanks, Gamasutra.



  1. KAP

    Oh leave Jaffe alone.. i love that goofy bastard. He can never keep that mouth shut.. but i strangely love hi for it.

    #1 5 years ago
  2. RGW1982

    Calling All Cars Was Just A Pathetic Game.. Not Much More You Can Say About It Really.

    #2 5 years ago
  3. Hero of Canton

    Two thumbs up. Nathan’s posts are sadly all too infrequent, but always worth waiting for. Do you write for anyone else, fella?

    #3 5 years ago
  4. Nathan Grayson

    @Hero of Canton: Yeah. I split most of my free time between VG247 and Maximum PC, and pen the occasional review for GamePro and The Escapist. I should also have a feature running on GamesRadar at some point in the near future. Hopefully it’s not completely flat after all the time they’ve spent sitting on it :) I’d actually like to be writing more (especially for VG247), but college eats all of my remaining time.

    Oh, and sometimes, on really rare occasions, I actually -play- videogames.

    So there’s my life’s story. How are you folks doing today?

    #4 5 years ago

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